Favorite Posts

Catching up on posts or new to the blog? Below is a list of some of my favorites.

Early Posts

Forward Momentum <– My very first post

A Time for Change <– My reasons for starting the blog

Food & Nutrition

Could Soda Make the World a Better Place?

Don’t Judge a Food By Its Health Claim

Food Advertising Fails

The Meat-eater’s Guide to Vegetarians

The IQ of a Twinkie

Pizza = Congress’s Favorite Vegetable

Pour Some Sugar On Me

“We Love Vegans Too” (thoughts on the Oprah Vegan episode)


A Super Scientific Look at the Difficulty of Long Runs

Dealing with Injury: Confessions of an Injured Runner

Fail Better

Making Lemonade (my thoughts on registration for Boston 2011 filling up in one day, and the meaning of a marathon)

Making Lemonade Part 2 (on the new Boston Marathon qualifying standards)

Mind Over Matter: the Mental Game of Running

My Experience With Girls on the Run

Quality vs. Quantity (looking at mileage during marathon training) True Life: I Used to Be a High Mileage Runner

Run Unplugged

Stubborn or Determined? Pushing Through Tough Runs

Ten Reasons to Ditch the Garmin

The Art of Racing

The Great Skirt Debate

The Hardcore Runner’s Guide to Winter Training

The Man Who Used to Run (special guest post by my Dad…easily my favorite post that I’ve ever published on this blog)

The Non-runners Guide to Running

The Real Reason I’m Not a Morning Runner

The Top 10 Signs Marathon Training Has Taken Over Your Life

This is Your Brain on 20 Miles

When Motivation is Missing

When Running Sucks

You’re Still a Runner If…

Running How-tos

How to Build Your Own Marathon Training Plan

How to Prepare the Week Before A Big Race

How to Psyche Yourself Up Without Psyching Yourself Out

How to Take Great Race Photos

How to Tie Your Shoes

The {ontherun}Guide to Preventing Taper Tantrums (note: read with sarcasm)

Mastering the ‘Mill Series

Part 1

Part 2

10 Reasons the Treadmill Can Really Rock

Race Previews & Recaps

To read my race previews and recaps, see this page.


Just For Fun

Confessions of a {Vegetarian} Long Distance Runner Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Dear Drivers (a letter from a crazy winter runner)

If the Shirt Fits (why are race shirts always so large??)

The Great Running Tight Boycott of 2011 (repeated in 2012)

General Health & Fitness

Cuz We Need a Little Controversy (experience = expert? And blogging responsibly)

When Cardio Meets Strength Training <– my favorite lifting workout

Why #surviveon35 Misses the Mark

And the follow-up post


Life Posts

Engagement: An Extra Special Christmas


An {ontherun}Wedding

An {ontherun}Wedding Video

Baby Announcement: The Rest of the Story

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