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How Do You Keep Yourself Healthy?

First of all, I want to thank those of you who commented for your thoughtful replies to my last post. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts on this issue. If you haven’t read through the comments, I encourage you to do so! There are some really interesting points that are raised! And of course, please feel free to add in your own two-cents.

Ultimately, it seems as though people have more of an issue with PepsiCo funding research than the company giving money back to the community. And I agree – this definitely doesn’t seem like a recipe for good science. But at the same time, it can’t be denied that all of these campaigns (even if they appear to do good) are really just clever marketing for Pepsi. To quote Danielle:

If Pepsi really wanted to make the world a better place, then they would

1. Take HFCS and all the other crap out of their sodas
2. Replace the aspartame in their diet sodas with something that…idk…doesn’t cause cancer??

And I agree. Lately the public health world has been cracking down hard on sugar sweetened beverages (especially soda!), and no matter how much good these programs may be doing, it can’t be denied that these are really clever attempts to keep the company looking good.

So now you’ve all been given a little glimpse into my nerdy mind. These are the things I think about, and rant about discuss with EC (who usually doesn’t agree with everything I say – go figure). I love being able to have these discussions on the blog…and you’ve given me ideas for future posts {exciting for me…and your cue to run away and never come back…?? ;) }

Anyway, to balance out my last novel of a post, tonight I leave you with something short and sweet. A simple question:

How do you keep yourself healthy?

healthy_apple I was recently at a meeting with a group of professionals from various health-related organizations. In addition to our name, etc, the facilitator asked us each to share what we did to keep ourselves healthy. As we went around the table, I noticed something interesting about everyone’s responses. Naturally, my first thought was whether the same thing would happen in the blog-world.  So, I thought it might be fun to conduct a little experiment with all you readers who are clearly very interested in health!

I would love it if you’d just take a moment to share how you keep yourself healthy in the comments section – your response can be as short or as long as you like! I promise there’s no strange catch or anything here – I’m just curious to see what you all say.

I’ll talk more about this more in my next post, and of course, let you know my answer to the question.

23 Responses to How Do You Keep Yourself Healthy?

  1. Mainly, I watch what I eat and I workout a lot – either at the gym or by running. I also try to walk everywhere possible. That’s not too hard living in the city. I also try to learn something new every day and explore ideas and areas that I’m not familiar with. An active mind is just as important!

    I can’t wait to read more responses! This is a great question.
    Lisa @ Early Morning Run´s last post ..Just Another Food Post

  2. I love this question.

    Probably because I have no idea how to answer it. :P

    How do I keep healthy?

    I inhale kale.

    Sorry, that’s not very insightful is it? Truthfully, I keep healthy by trying to be happy–and happiness for me is best achieved by removing the sources of stress in my life. I keep healthy — mentally first and therefore physically — by reducing stress. It’s amazing but most people don’t realize that they actually have control over most of the things in their lives that are stressful. It’s about recognizing the sources, stepping back, and letting go. :-)
    aletheia´s last post ..Black-out BBQ- A Viable Alternative to Cooking

  3. I love those types of posts! Seriously, it’s fun to discuss current events/real issues :D

    How do I keep myself healthy? Well, I listen to my body. When my body wants to move, I move. When I’m hungry, I feed myself things that make me feel good and will keep me running efficiently. When I want to have fun, I allow myself to have fun. Unless there’s a test the next day ;)
    Danielle (Runs on Green)´s last post ..How do you define ‘healthy’

  4. oo I am excited to see what you noticed! I guess I focus on three main things: I try to stay active, eat well (balanced, organic & real foods as much as possible), & stay happy. This includes having healthy relationships, doing things that keep me motivated (running, work, school) & having fun! If I’m too stressed or down everything else sort of goes out the window.

    I also get my flu shot, don’t drink after others, & wash my veggies & my hands as much as possible. ;)
    Maria @ a healthier Maria´s last post ..I’m starting to notice a pattern-

  5. Good question!
    I eat well all the time (bar the odd treat every now and again, for ‘mental health’) and I take lots of regular exercise. I take a vitamin supplement (B12 cos I’m vegan) and I try and keep myself stress free and as happy as possible :) I don’t want to go through life stressed and miserable!
    Freya @ Brit Chick Runs´s last post ..In Threes

  6. what a great idea for an icebreaker!

    for myself i: keep very active, eat whole healthy food choices most of the time, indulge in dark chocolate or cookies every day (hence my quest to find the perfect recipe :P), go to bed early, drink lotsa water, take my vitamins and other meds every day, snuggle with my puppy and my husband, talk to my friends in some way each day, and i try to be kind and do something to pay it forward every day. sometimes it’s just letting someone turn in front of me on my commute and sometimes it’s more. but i try to really be aware of opportunities to show kindness and take advantage of them. :)

    i also try to leave work at work but i fail a lot on that one.

    it’ll be neat to see what everyone has to say! and girl, nerd it up. we do the same thing in our house–and my husband often disagrees with many of my opinions or at least pieces of them.
    andi @ livelaughbefit´s last post ..fire burnin’ fire burnin’ on the dance floor

  7. To keep myself healthy, I eat lots of different, fresh foods and stay active. I run, but I do that because I love it so much. I also indulge when I want to – guilt-free – and make sure that my I have plenty of time with the people that I love. Sometimes stress is the unhealthiest thing and my friends and family can make it all seem OK.

    I always thought staying healthy was inconvenient – too much work – and I come across many people who still feel that way. Oddly, my healthy habits have also become my passions. I love preparing fun dinners with local produce. I love the endorphin kick from a sweaty morning run. Healthy can be fun, too!

  8. I stay healthy by respecting my body and myself. To me, respecting my body means feeding it nutritious food most of the time, and yet still enjoying the occasional treat. It means moving in ways that feel good and energizing. And respecting myself means taking “me-time” when I need it, allowing myself to veg on the couch or go for a leisurely walk or whatever it is that will bring me a sense of calm and inner peace when life gets chaotic.

    You’re right, it is interesting to see how everyone answers this deceptively simple question! :)
    Katie @ Health for the Whole Self´s last post ..Making Peace with the Camera

  9. Great question! I try to keep healthy with the normal things like eating a clean diet and keeping active 5-6 days per week but I also choose alternative/all natural options over mainstream healthcare and medicines. Chiropractic and holistic remedies have worked wonders for me for the past 10 years.
    Bekah @ runtrackmind´s last post ..Off Subject- Smorgasbord

  10. How do I keep healthy? Mainly by staying active. I’m addicted to doing things – I simply have to keep moving (unless I’ve moved too much, then I like a good sit down =P). I always take the philosophy that something is better than nothing, so even if I get out there and run for only 3-4km it’s better than nothing. It also helps that I find exercise a GREAT stress reliever, and given that work can get stressful, it’s almost a must that I do something active to work out the tension!

    On the eating side, I stay away from fatty foods, and now I’m trying to decrease the amount of sugar I take it because, it’s quite a bit thanks to ALWAYS having a drink in my hand. And even though it’s something like vitamin water, or some for of “healthy” drink, it’s always loaded with sugar. Once I feel like I get my sugar under control I’m sure I’ll move on to something else.

    So there you have it:
    1. Staying active by exercising
    2. Eating well

  11. I keep myself healthy by:

    Making exercise a priority. I try to run/spin/kickbox/strength train 5 or 6 days a week. Its become part of my routine and I treat it as something that I want to do rather then something I have to do. This makes it easier for me to get my butt moving so often.

    Eating healthy most of the time. I’m definitely not perfect but I make sure that I eat wholesome food everyday and that I am conscious of the nutrients my body needs.

    Laughing. I try to make a point to have fun everyday.

    Sleep. I don’t always get enough but I am doing my best to ensure that I get adequate sleep (7 hours for my body) every night.

  12. As a shareholder in Pepsi I can tell you Pepsi’s mission statement: make money.

    They use marketing to sell their product to consumers. They are not concerned with health or nutrition, they are concerned with selling more of their product than their competition to make money. If the public is on a “recycled chip bag” craze and that will sell chips – they put Sunchips into a compostable bag and start saying they are green chips.

    They aren’t invested in topsoil, so what do they care if their bags go into landfills? They don’t, which is why Tostitos don’t have compostable bags, JUST Sunchips.

    We’re at war with corporate America in the battle for public health. It’s billions of dollars in advertising and decades of training versus the “healthy” way to live. Let’s hope we win.
    Brad´s last post ..I want to prove something

  13. Seriously, you’re taking on a lot of great issues. Checking in on your posts is one way I educate myself on health, that’s for sure.

    I am religious about working out, not just for my body, but also my mind.

    “A man’s health can be judged by which he takes two at a time – pills or stairs.” – Joan Welsh quotes
    Nichole´s last post ..Trying to Tri – Race Announcement-

  14. Like many others, I too feel as though my mental health is so important to my overall health and happiness…which is obviously affected by how I eat and keep active. I feel great physically by eating a plant based diet, but also am so happy and proud of my decision to do so. My healthy ways allow me to eat dark chocolate and sip the occasional glass of wine. Our health comes from not just our activity and how we fuel ourselves, but also the allowance to enjoy doing so.
    claire´s last post ..time to wrap

  15. Two thumbs up for this post!

    To stay healthy I sleep at least 7 hours a day, drink lots of water, and try to maintain a regular routine. It sounds silly, but everything else just falls in place with those simple things. If I dont sleep well one week or am dehydrated, diet and exercise go out the door.
    Alex @ IEatAsphalt´s last post ..Hamburgers and Hunger

  16. I love your posts! They’re always so thoughtful and interesting!

    In the blog world, I think most people are excellent about focusing on wholesome nutrition and regular exercise. But for me, that’s only the tip of the “stay healthy” iceberg. So many other behaviors impact our wellbeing. For example, good oral health- flossing once a day and brushing twice a day- are just as important for keeping heart disease and diabetes away as a healthy diet and exercise. Sleep, using sunscreen and having fulfilling relationships are also key to my personal health.

    In the US, we tend to focus more on chronic disease prevention- which is awesome- but we sometimes forget that infectious diseases are at the top of the food chain. How quickly we forget about the H1N1 flu scare. I am anal about washing my hands, using hand sanitizer and practicing good food safety to avoid getting sick.

    And it’s important to know you’re healthy instead of just assuming you’re healthy because you have good habits. I see my doctors as often as suggested to have my blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and woman parts checked ;)
    Jen´s last post ..Sweaty bloggers

  17. lets see

    1. i focus on having a lot of alone time, time to decompress my day and to melt away into my own world if need be. this helps me relax and reduce stress. if i try to be a social bug 24/7 i will burnout.

    2. i eat whole foods. i try to eat my food in its natural state as possible. so instead of having ketchup with my sweet potato fries i will use a naturally made salsa with whole chunks of veggies in there.

    3. i avoid juices and sodas and replace it with naturally sweetened tea and water. i truly dont crave juice or soda anymore now

    4. i enjoy my cup of coffee. i love my dessert first. muffins are a must for breakfast. and treats keep the brain happy. everything in moderation

    5. exercise when i want, and always switch it up. go for fun first, then fitness second. focus on building muscle, increasing energy, and feeling more confident in my skin

    6. positive thoughts and positive people must surround me.

    7. go to the doctors for checkups. i used to avoid it but now i realize its important, and for me helps me realize my mortality

    8. omega 3 fish oil caps. they changed my life. as well as digestive enzymes and multivitamins

    9. following my intuition

    10. reading, learning, and having a passion for the world and all the different types of people.

  18. Great question, Lauren! I try my hardest to take care of my WHOLE body, physically and emotionally, by eating well, exercising, sleeping as much as I can, and doing the things that I enjoy (this last one is hard when I’m busy!). I eat as many veggies as I can and I make it a point to try as many new foods as possible so that I get a wide variety of nutrients in my diet. I aim to exercise everyday so that when I end up exercising 4-5 days a week when I’m busy, I know I’m still covered. Still working on the sleeping thing, but at least my intentions are good :) And, I’m pursuing a field that I enjoy, and that makes me happy.

    Good food for thought!

  19. how do i stay healthy?
    i laugh a lot :)

  20. My goal is 90 minutes of exercise 5 days a week – and I’m an aspiring fish-eating closet vegetarian. Working cross-word puzzles is a good challenge for my mind – and I try to stay positive, optimistic, and hopeful in my view of others and myself. Also, I’ve found that one dark chocolate Dove per day is a nice indulgence. I just need to remember to pick up my feet every single step I run so i don’t trip and fall which I did last week.

  21. I keep myself healthy by eating LOTS of fruit, veg, whole grains, and nuts. I try to eat as little processed food as possible. I also work out 5-6 days a week. Another big one for me is staying positive. And I think rest days/”mental health days” are important for overall wellbeing! Can’t wait to read the next post on this :)
    Megan @ The Oatmeal Diaries´s last post ..ugly pancakes make me happy

  22. I keep myself healthy by eating as healthy as I can with some treats here and there (mental health is important too :) ), exercising most days, and nurturing the relationships in my life that nurture me. I think to be truly healthy, you have to be kind to your body with proper diet and exercise, but also kind to your heart and soul by maintaining a good support system and engaging in activities that you enjoy.
    Hilary@coffeeismycarrot´s last post ..Opposites Attract

  23. Hi there! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any problems with hackers? My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing many months of hard work due to no backup. Do you have any methods to prevent hackers?

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