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Eating Local Means Eating Healthy, Right?

Ever since moving to Vermont, Evan and I have really been taking advantage of local foods and homemade cooking. Which would be super awesome and healthy…if that local fare wasn’t primarily cheddar cheese, bread, and our new favorite craft beer. And the homemade stuff wasn’t primarily baked goods.

Okay, so there’s been some healthy stuff mixed in there too. We try to buy local produce whenever we can and we always get our eggs from a local farm. We rarely eat out and never get take out (even if that’s only because take out doesn’t actually exist up here…).

basil plant

We’ve also been experimenting with new recipes. My love for cooking has been rekindled now that I have a partner to help out/cook for. And Evan has gotten into it too — by making his own pasta sauce, vegetable broth, and even trying out homemade seitan (I’ll post the recipe if/when we ever perfect it!).

vegetable broth_2

vegetable broth_2

But for all the healthy foods, there’s been plenty of unhealthy stuff too. We pretty much live off of cheese, have taken it upon ourselves to keep the local bread bakery in business, and have made it our mission to sample every single kind of McNeill’s brew on the market.

You can’t really blame us though. When you live right near the absolute best cheddar cheese in all of the United States, how can you not consume a pound a week?

Grafton 3yr raw milk(Source)

Plus, the bakery offers different types of breads on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. So I go on Monday to get my Maple Oat bread, Wednesday to get my Ciabatta, and by Friday, that Cinnamon Raisin is looking pretty good. (I mean — you’ve got to have variety, right??)

Add to that the fact that I got this beautiful new toy as a wedding gift from my sister-in-law, and you can see how there’s been an overabundance of baked goods, saturated fats, and delicious carbohydrates in this house ever since.


I probably would have gone on my merry cheese-eating, beer drinking, dessert-inhaling ways for months if I hadn’t made a startling discovery the other day. As I went to get dressed for a run, I realized that my running shorts — pants that are supposed to be roomy and comfortable — were starting to get just a little too snug.

Now I’m really not someone who obsesses over weight. I don’t own a scale and I accepted the way my body was built a long time ago. But…when your running shorts stop fitting you so well, you know you have a bit of a problem.

I’ve read enough about people gaining weight after they got married to know that it’s a pretty common thing. But for whatever reason I just sort of figured I was immune to it. After all, I cooked for Evan all the time even before the wedding, I knew how to eat healthy, and I’m training for a marathon. Clearly running more means I can eat whatever I want…right? Plus, like I said — we’re more focused on eating local and cooking meals at home now than ever before. And I thought all local and homemade foods were healthy! Isn’t that what the blogging world sort of tells you anyway?

Obviously I know that just because something is made in my own kitchen or a kitchen down the street doesn’t mean that it should be consumed in large quantities. But my point is that it can be easy to fall into that trap. I didn’t actually think we were eating all that poorly until I took a step back and looked at just how much of my favorite foods I was consuming.

I’m not going to stop eating cheese (that would be sad) or buying fresh bread, but it might be time to cut back on the baked goods just a little bit. And it probably wouldn’t hurt to try to be more mindful the next time I want to consume an entire block of cheddar in one sitting.

…not until after this weekend, though. I’m heading back to Rhode Island for a special someone’s wedding, and I think that calls for celebrating with unlimited cheese and dessert, don’t you?


12 Responses to Eating Local Means Eating Healthy, Right?

  1. Look at you, being all domestic and wifely! Didn’t you just write about how your “I want to take care of the house” trait hadn’t kicked in? Well now you’re throwing around words like “seitan” and posting pictures of fancy mixers. I’d say you’re the best wife ever.

    BRB, going to Google “What is a seitan?”

    In the meantime, feel free to send me all discarded baked goods you don’t want around your house.
    Ali´s last post ..Thankful Things Thursday: For The Good Days

    • Oh I only bake. I said nothing about cleaning up the mess I make afterward. And it’s the husband who is being all domestic and making things like seitan. I just “help” by eating it.

  2. That mixer is gorgeous! And I look forward to your seitan recipe. I’ve been wanting to try to make it myself but it’s a bit intimidating to me for some reason!

    • It’s actually not TOO hard to make – we’re just trying to work on perfecting the texture. That’s the toughest part. But hopefully we’ll nail it after a few more trials.

  3. Mmmmm Grafton Village. YUM! Where in VT did you guys move to?
    Gwen´s last post ..The GwenniePie 500

  4. Cheese and Bread seems like the perfect diet to me!!! Don’t give it up- it’s too delicious!!!! Did you bring me a block of said Grafton Cheddar?

    heheh, see you tomorrow! xo

  5. I’m in the same place….just needing to cut my portion sizes down a little and steer further away from cheese and cake and more towards vegetables! All fun. I got muffin top over my compression shorts…not a pretty look and a bit of a wake-up call 😉
    Cathryn @ myheartscontentblog´s last post ..How many fresh starts can a girl have in one month?

  6. Oooohhh that beer is from Brattleboro, and if I’m not mistaken, they have an awesome farmer’s market there. Have you been?
    Lauren´s last post ..Help through injury – feel accomplished on 0 miles a week

  7. I’m sure you still look fantastic! And if it makes you feel any better, I currently can’t fit into ANY of my running shorts. For some reason I seem to have put on 30 lbs, regardless of what I’ve been eating.
    Christina´s last post ..In case you were wondering…

  8. LOVE the green mixer! i have one and use it often. and i love that you will enjoy your foods in moderation. i’m a big believer in that. :) i would be indulging in the cheese and bread too.

  9. Don’t be too hard on yourself. As a newlywed of 6 months, I have to say no one tells you how tired you are the first few months after the wedding. Constant major life changes are exhausting.

    I put on a few pounds in the first few months and I’m back to my normal diet and weight after life slowed down a little!

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