Race Recaps

200 Mile Relays

Because I’ve written so many posts about relays, I decided to move all my relay recaps to the {ontherun}Relays page. To read them, please click here.

Short & {not so} Sweet Races

(5K PR: 19:46 @ Foxboro Run Against Diabetes 5K)

2010 Downtown Jingle Bell 5K

2011 Foxboro Run Against Diabetes 5K

2011 Old Mountain Trail Race 5K

2012 Irish 5K

2012 Harpoon Brewery Octoberfest (3.66 mile race)

2012 It’s a Wonderful Run 5K (no recap): 20:08

Half Marathons

(Half Marathon PR: 1:33:07 @ Hyannis Half Marathon, Feb 2011)

2010 Shape Up RI Half Marathon

2011 Hyannis Half Marathon

2011 Cox Rhode Races – Eident Sports Half Marathon

2011 Providence Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon


(Marathon PR: 3:18:08 @ Marine Corps Marathon, 10/30/2011)

2010 Cape Cod Marathon 3:29:40

2011 National Marathon 3:18:18

2011 Marine Corps Marathon 3:18:08

2012 Manchester City Marathon 3:18:43


2011 Black Cat 20-miler – Racing to train recap (3/6/2011) 2:31:23

2011 YuKanRun 10 Mile Race

2011 Blessing of the Fleet 10 Miler

2012 Black Cat 20-miler* PR (2:25:47)

2012 Vermont 50 Relay (3 person team)


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