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A Few Things You Should Know

1.) About yesterday’s postThank you all for weighing in. I realize that not everyone agrees with me, but I hope I never make you feel as though you can’t express your opinion in the comments section of my blog. I know part of the point of even having a blog is discussion, so you are always welcome to disagree. I may write back and explain more about why I feel the way I do (it is my blog, after all), but I in no way mean to invalidate anyone’s opinion.

Related to that – a few of you mentioned education and other school programs that help students access healthy foods and encourage them to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. I don’t mean to take away from the great things that schools around the country (including in my own tiny state of RI) are doing. And I think that important work should continue. However, I also think it’s only part of the solution. We can’t have a government that on one hand says they are committed to solving America’s weight problem and then on the other hand are making policy decisions based on the highest bidder. Corporations have way too much sway over the policies in this country. A fact that I find so incredibly frustrating.

Okay, I’m off my soapbox now. I promise. Moving on…


2.) About work: I didn’t get home from work until midnight last night. And today I am the only person from my team who is actually in the office. Which means that it’s a large coffee kind of day.

Even a huge coffee from one of the best coffee shops in Providence isn’t enough to get me through this day

Now before you go thinking I’m some sort of super star employee, let me qualify that above statement with two facts.

a.)  I wasn’t actually in an office until midnight last night. That would have been awful. I have to admit that fact alone was enough to make working so late not all that bad. In fact, I’d go so far as to say it was one of my best days at work in a long time…especially since it ended with chocolate lava cake. At the risk of sounding cliché, it doesn’t really feel like work when you love what you’re doing.

b.)  The only reason that I’m actually at work today (while everyone else is starting the holiday celebrations early) is because I don’t have the vacation time not to be. Not because I love this place so much. I guess I’ve been taking a little bit too much time off lately to run races.


3.) About Thanksgiving: I haven’t been able to go home for Thanksgiving in long time, which always makes me just a little sad around this time of year. But then I remember how lucky I am to have another family to take me in. And not to have to drive through a torrential downpour to get home. Or sit in awful Thanksgiving traffic. It’s the little things…


4.) About Turkey Trots: I have never in all my life participated in one. There really is no excuse for this, seeing as I usually run on Thanksgiving morning anyway. I was determined to finally break the streak this year, and sign up for the first ever family Turkey Trot in Providence. But then I found out that the Thanksgiving “dinner” I’ve been invited to is at noon. And it’s a couple of hours away. The turkey trot starts at 10. Something tells me I’m not going to make it.

So, instead EC and I are planning our own. I love this kid, but it’s not everyday that I can actually get him to agree to run with me. So you better believe I’ll be making the most of this opportunity. I’m already working on mapping out a route, and have considered making him dress up for the occasion.


I think this will do.


5.) About contest winners: Last but definitely not least – it’s been over two weeks, and the winner of my Team Sparkle Skirt giveaway never claimed her prize. I feel really bad about the whole thing, especially because I know I’ve entered giveaways before and then completely forgotten to go back and check on them. But if you enter a contest on a blog, it’s not the blogger’s responsibility to track you down. I’m sorry, but it’s not. There were so many people who entered that I wish I could give a Team Sparkle skirt to all of you.

That said, it’s time to pick a new winner. And that person is…


You have a week to claim your prize, so email me! (please!!)


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

20 Responses to A Few Things You Should Know

  1. I think I might do my own turkey trot too! And by turkey trot, I really mean trot. My legs are still sore from Sunday’s race/debacle…

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! :)

    p.s. I have a feeling that Meggie will respond as your contest winner. She’s not one to pass up sparkles!

    • haha, re-reading my comment, i am not even sure it makes sense. i think i associate the word “trot” with “jog”, but then i was thinking about horses and when they trot…isn’t that kind of fast? all i know is that i won’t be running fast tmrw, regardless of what word i use to describe it!

      umm, sorry for the rambling.
      Megan (The Runner’s Kitchen)´s last post ..The best time I ever took a wrong turn

      • haha! Yeah…I guess they do trot kind of fast. Or is that just their regular pace? Clearly I know nothing…

        Anyway, I got what you meant. :) I hope your {slow} trot goes well tomorrow and your legs aren’t too sore. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Ok, for real. If Meggie doesn’t claim her prize, can I pretend to be her? 😉

    Sorry to hear you’re working (but if it makes you feel better, I’m working today, too). Have a great Thanksgiving! :)
    Alyssa´s last post ..SFM Discount Code

    • Yes. I think that is an excellent deal.

      Glad I’m not the only one stuck at work today, but I hope you’re not working too hard! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Oh I wish you could give me a sparkle skirt, but I was too dumb to even give myself a chance by entering. I am sure Meggie will be super excited :)

    No trotting for me. Actually I will be doing a tempo run on my own, but no official race. I have been feeling a little burned out on racing! Although not on actually running…

    I have to work Friday too! Boo! Happy Thanksgiving!
    Celia´s last post ..the half curse

  4. I’m so happy you realize that the work you do is very fabulous and helpful! We all have ups and downs with our jobs but at the end of the day if you are passionate about what you do then you are on the right path. Second, thanks for your insight about yesterdays post… I learned a lot more because of you and I appreciate your health posts so very much. Third, I’m happy you have a second family too!!! I’m not doing a turkey trot either and wish I was!!! Evan will look amazing in that outfit. Wish you bought it! hahah

    Enjoy your holiday- let me know which sweet potato recipe you make.

    Oh and Meggie, don’t respond. I want the skirt!
    Lizzy´s last post ..On Running…

  5. My husband and I aren’t doing a turkey trot or any other type of Thanksgiving race this year. I’ve been injured, finally ran a little bit though, and we are traveling to my grandmother’s tomorrow. We will actually be semi-close to you, we are going to Fall River, Massachusetts!

  6. After reading your post I talked to my aunt about it all, who is an elementary school teacher down in Texas. She was telling me how they only claimed 1/8 cup of tomato paste a vegetable in an agriculture bill that wasn’t related to school lunches. There’s just so much drama with school lunches these days.. Thank you for making me aware of this article though. I need to do some more research now!
    Sarah´s last post ..Marathon High?

    • Hi Sarah – as far as I know, that bill actually has a lot to do with school lunches! In particular, the lunches that the school can get reimbursed for through the National School Lunch program (lunches that are served for free or a reduced price to students that come from low income families). In order for these meals to be reimbursable, they must contain a certain amount of vegetables. The current bill counts a slice of pizza (because of the tomato paste) as a serving – the proposed changes to the bill would’ve ended that.

      This article was published before the final decision in congress, but gives some information about the connection between the bill and school lunches: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/15/congress-pushes-back-on-h_1_n_1094764.html

  7. I am running the turkey trot this year as well to raise money for the homeless. Love the costume idea and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

  8. I ended up not being able to run the Turkey Trot this year too. A pleasant run by myself instead. I’m not complaining. I’m just happy to be able to run.

    Have a happy Thanksgiving Lauren!
    jill conyers´s last post ..Three Things Thursday

  9. Omg!!!!! I can barely breathe. This is a thanksgiving miracle!!!! Christmas has come early. Thanks, Lauren!!!

    I’ve only turkey trotted once. The first year I was tuning I was too embarrassed to be seen running in my hometown. Last year I did it and it was fun! So, did ec dress up?

  10. hahahaha. I can feel Meggie jumping up and down from NYC, even though she’s in like Alabama. I think you made her year.

    I’ve turkey trotted once! I really liked it. I would love to do it again but always go to the parade in NYC instead. Plus, this year I wanted to cry every time someone mentioned a turkey trot since my IT band is still not letting me run. BOO. Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving, Lauren!!
    Kelly´s last post ..Yep, I’m Thankful

  11. I think if EC dresses up as a turkey, he’ll run faster. :)

  12. I’ve participated in one turkey trot in the past, but usually family plans begin a little too early to make it to a Turkey Trot. Usually, I just plan to enjoy a run with my brother or sister instead. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful run with EC :)

    p.s. I love the part of this post that said, “it really doesn’t feel like work if you love what you are doing.” I’m glad to hear that you have found that in your career :)
    Nancy@triathletestrials´s last post ..Many Thanks

  13. I actually saw three people running in those turkey costumes in Central Park…and they said they were cold! They look pretty toasty to me…

  14. LOVE the new blog header! Who designed it?

    • Thank you! I did – with a lot of help from my boyfriend. We made it in Adobe Illustrator. And when I say “we” I basically mean that he did all the actual work while I just directed and gave feedback.

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