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And Just Like that, June is Over

Hello! It sure has been awhile. An entire month, it seems. A fact I am sure all of you have noticed. I’m also fairly positive you all have been waiting each day with baited breath to see if or when I would ever post again. Well I’m happy to allay your fears today.

{End sarcasm font.}

I didn’t really mean to take a month-long vacation from the blog, but June was absolutely crazy. To bring you all up to speed, I figured I’d do a quick update. I’ve got a few actual posts in my head that I would like to write sometime before the end of the year, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

In the past 30 days I:

Bought new pump parts and have managed to keep them intact…so far.

Amelia Lynne_6 monthsAnd someone turned 6 months old!

Went on an awesome vacation to Asheville, NC.

Family_prayer mtn hike

We got to join 3 out of my 4 sisters at my parents’ house for a week and it was amazing. If I didn’t love Vermont so much (and you, know, had an actual source of income down there…minor detail) I would move to Asheville in a heartbeat. Cool, quirky downtown, awesome food with lots of vegetarian options, beautiful scenery and incredible hikes. Evan and I even got to go on a couple of trail runs together, which has made me want to seek out some trails by my own house.

Follow the leader

Spent over 36 hours traveling home to Vermont, 24 of which were continuously spent in various airports/airplanes across the country. Between flight cancellations, delays, and fighting with unhelpful Southwest gate attendants, we could’ve driven home and back again in less time. Depressing thought. In the course of that 36 hour period, we traveled from Asheville to Greenville, SC twice (by car), flew to Chicago, Kansas City, Baltimore, and finally, Manchester, NH…and then drove 2 hours home to Vermont. Because obviously the shortest way to New England is through the Midwest.

plane napThe only way I could get her to sleep

But that wasn’t even the worst part of the Great Travel Nightmare of 2014. Nor was it arriving at the Manchester airport at 3:00 in the morning and waiting an hour for our suitcases only to find out they had been in the back room the entire time (thanks so much for failing to mention that there was a back room we could check when we arrived, super helpful baggage claim employee!). Nope, the worst part of the entire trip? After being awake for over 24 hours, trying to keep a 6-month old occupied during the entire debacle, running out of diapers, and surviving on crummy airport food, we realized that the car keys were NOT in a suitcase like we had expected. Instead they were locked in my father’s car, alone at the Asheville airport. Awesome.

Needless to say, we will be sticking close to home (and avoiding Southwest airlines!) for the foreseeable future.

Packed up our entire house in 2 days (literally), only shedding a few tears when it came time to take apart the nursery. I’d been counting down the days until we were able to move closer to my work, and had been so excited about it that I never stopped to think about how emotionally attached I was to our house. That was the house where we prepared for Amelia’s arrival. The place we brought her home to. The only home she has ever known…and now will never remember. It was harder to let go than I expected.

Millie_nursery last daySaying goodbye…clearly she was pretty torn up about it

But…now we’re finally in the new place and all the sadness has been forgotten. My commute has been cut in half, I love our new neighborhood, and we are close to actual THINGS again. We’ve spent the past week exploring new running routes, trying out the local restaurants and finding new trails to hike. I’m even seriously contemplating joining a local running club for the first time in my adult life (now that it’s on the internet, I’ve got to do it). In short, it’s been pretty amazing.

Hazen breakfast hike

Ran a 10K…and actually felt like I was racing. Recap to come soon. But I will tell you that it sucked — in the most amazing way. Funny how when you’re unable to race, you kind of forget about the level of pain that’s involved. And then when you finally catch your breath and have a moment to reflect on everything, somehow you’re able to block all that pain out again. Enough time has gone by that I now find myself thinking that maybe I could’ve gone faster. And I’m almost willing to temporarily forget about the absolute suckiness of the 10K distance (because really, it’s the worst) in order to find out if that’s really true.

Red white and blue 6.2I won King Arthur Flour pancake mix! Pretty nice prize if you ask me

Gotten into a groove with running again. It only took 6 months, but I’m finally getting some of that mojo back. And I’m trying really hard to embrace the early morning run. I do not love the half-asleep, slogging through humidity feeling. But I sure do love that all-day runner’s high. Well, until I crash at about 3:00pm, that is.

Became an aunt again! My youngest sister is in the Air Force, so it was only fitting that she had her baby on July 4th. Welcome to the family Madelyn Michelle!

Madelyn Michelle_7.8.14


Unrelated, shameless plug: My amazing parents (you may remember my Dad from this post) have become pretty avid hikers since they moved to NC, and have decided that it would be tons of fun to take on a 28.3 mile hiking challenge in North Carolina this fall for Make-A-Wish Foundation. I can’t even contemplate hiking more than the marathon distance through the mountains in one day (I’m half convinced the lack of oxygen from their climbs may have addled their brains a bit). But if that’s not enough, they have also committed to raising $5,000 for Make-A-Wish, an amazing organization that grants wishes to children with life-threatening conditions. Every single penny raised will go to helping a child’s wish come true. I never ask people for donations, but if you feel compelled to give, they would be forever in your debt. You can find more information here.

5 Responses to And Just Like that, June is Over

  1. close to REAL ACTUAL THINGS!!! i cant imagine moving with a 6 month old (or moving in general, ugh, i dread that day. coming soon though i hope haha). i swear she gets more and more beautiful as time goes on. and congrats becoming an auntie again, its such a great feeling isnt it!?

  2. That trip home sounds horrible. I’m so sorry! At least you all arrived safe!

    SO jealous of the pancake mix. :)
    EB @ Running on E´s last post ..6 ways to Beat the Heat and Island Boost Winner!

  3. Wow, what a month! We just moved too and it was hard to leave the house where we brought the boys home and to take apart the nursery we created for them. Having a shorter commute will be awesome though! That’s awesome that Amelia will have a cousin so close in age :) Congrats on your race too, 10Ks are my least favorite!
    Beth @ RUNNING around my kitchen´s last post ..Go big or go home: my goal for the Chicago marathon

  4. You sound like you’ve been very VERY busy…but I’m most excited about you winning the pancake mix. What an awesome prize! Congrats on winning/placing/whatever you did to win it!

    Hope the new place feels like home soon! Enjoy being in civilisation again! I do actually think you should join a running club. I have never joined one so I am clearly hypocritical but I joined a running club for one night when I was travelling in the UK last month and it was awesome so I have vowed to join a club next time we move. I think it would be a lot of fun!
    Cathryn´s last post ..Lions and rattlers and bears, oh my!

  5. Agree…10K is the WORST.

    Your girl is so beautiful. Congrats on surviving the move! And I can totally relate to the bittersweet feelings. When my third child was almost 2 years old, we moved from the house we lived in before marrying, where we had made and then brought home three babies…I was an emotional wreck even though, like you, the move was an AMAZING thing. lol Maybe it can be blamed partly on hormones?

    So awesome about your mom and dad and the hiking! I need to check out something like that. Not ready yet to even attempt running post-surgery and have been hiking a ton. Doing it for a cause would make it even better :)

    Traveling in general is work…traveling with babies is WORK! And when you toss in a few monkeywrenches…just UGH. I have so been in that place! So glad you are now on the other side and HOME :)
    MILF Runner´s last post ..Just your average “how it’s going” post…

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