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Coming Out of {Internet} Hibernation

The snow is melting, the rivers are thawing, and puddles of mud are forming everywhere I look.

mud season

Spring is finally coming.

winter thaw

Or at least that’s what they tell me. The current temperature and winter storm warming in Vermont sort of suggests otherwise…

spring snow

But I’ve got to believe that change is in the air. And I am slowly making my way out of the internet hibernation I’ve been hiding in these past couple of weeks. When I posted about going to Florida, I didn’t actually mean for that to signify that I was leaving the entire internets behind for awhile. But truthfully, sometimes a break from it all feels really good. The best thing about having a blog that’s only a hobby is that there’s never any real pressure to post. So I just kept waiting until I actually had the urge to write something. Which just so happens to be today (aren’t you all lucky?)

Whenever there’s been any sort of significant break, it feels kind of weird to jump right back in with some post about whatever running rambles are in my head at the moment. So instead, here’s a brief update about what I’ve been up to. You know, all those things that only my family and I actually care about, but I take time to blog about anyway…

I spent a week getting a glimpse at life as a stay-at-home Mom. Parts of it were incredibly fun, but other parts…not so much (you know, like dealing with home renovation fiascoes in my sister’s new house for two days and being stuck at home while things are getting installed). And it gave me an even greater respect for mothers who somehow manage to work out regularly on top of getting a bunch of real tasks accomplished in one day. It’s amazing how fast a day can pass with a baby and you’ve got nothing to show for it.

Leah_6 months

One of the best parts about my time with my niece? A relaxing 10.5 mile run we took together. Well…I did the running while she took a good hard nap.

Leah_jogging buddy

I love my sister’s Bob stroller, but it’s not easy to run pushing another person…even a mini-one! (Yes, I realize this is not news to anyone.) I have never been more thankful to run along completely flat roads (the wind in FL, however, is a completely different story!). And despite how tough/awkward the run felt at times, I actually really loved the company. It was kind of fun knowing I had someone along for the ride.

Leah_froyoWe introduced Leah to the joy that is self-serve Frozen Yogurt. She loved it…clearly

I somehow managed to get tendinitis in my elbow…or, you know, that tendon that connects your tricep to your elbow. As a result of this super fun injury, I spent over a week with an arm so swollen that I couldn’t even bend it enough to brush my own teeth.

tendonitis elbow

How does a runner managed to injure her arm? Well…I don’t really want to talk about it. Okay, fine. I was stupid and stubborn. My sister somehow persuaded me to join her for a CrossFit class and I have way too much pride to give up on a workout that I know is probably just a little too much for the girl who begrudgingly lifts only twice a week. So yeah, CrossFit’s no joke. And you should probably take some legit introductory courses first. My sister just completed an 8-week CrossFit challenge and is seriously in the best shape of her life. It’s impressive. But I think I’ll stick to running for now.

One more picture because she’s just so stinkin’ cute…

IMG 2856Not only does this kid recognize herself in the iPhone camera, but she also knows how to take selfies. At 6 months old. Babies amaze me.

Speaking of which…running lately has had its ups and downs. Do you ever have a week when your legs just feel flat and your paces seem off? And no matter what you do, every run just seems way more difficult than it should be? Well, that was me this last week. Slow running, failed speed workouts, and lots of frustration. I’m trying not to get discouraged and just chalk it up to an “off” week. At least we had a few days of warmer temperatures and awesome running weather thrown in there amongst the wind and cold. Today marks the start of a new week, which means a chance to start fresh.

On a related note, I’m no longer running for Saucony. It’s not something I really want to go into at the moment, but I feel like in the interest of full disclosure, I should let you all know. Ultimately, it’s a good thing. I love Saucony products (and stand by my claim that the Mirage3s are the greatest shoes ever created), but this does give me a little more freedom in what I talk about on HOtR. In all honesty there are a lot of great running companies out there doing some really cool things. I’ve been sort of silently watching this past year as small companies like Oiselle have taken the social media/female running world by storm, creating a community of athletes that really seem to support each other. It’s cool to see that kind of thing between companies and their runners.

But I will miss wearing this uniform…

Nuvision action image storefront 1679769


Winter in Vermont has kicked my butt. Figuratively, literally, physically, emotionally…and other kind of “ly” you can think of. I’m from New England. I’m used to snow and cold and ice and wind. But what I’m not used to is all of those things plus dreariness and isolation. To say that this past winter has been harder than expected would be an understatement.

HOWEVER – I survived (or am surviving. It’s not really over yet). And although I’m generations away from ever being considered a true Vermonter, surviving a winter here earns me some points in my Vermont cred, right? Maybe?

Plus, despite the difficulty of winter time, I have loved every single chance we’ve had to go skiing. I feel really lucky that I’ve gotten to ski more this past winter than I have in my entire adult life combined. And I’ll freely admit that this has taken a toll on my marathon training. I’ve sacrificed runs and fresh legs for another day on the slopes. I know full well that I could’ve worked harder this winter and that I willingly chose not to. But honestly – I don’t regret it in the least. It’s just where I am in life, I guess. Sometimes you want to put everything else on the sidelines for the sake of training and the pursuit of a goal. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But other times, for whatever reason, it’s just not worth it. Skiing has really been the only thing that has gotten me through the cold dreary months up here. And the only thing I’ll miss once all the snow finally melts.

Stratton_American Express

That being said, the season is coming to a close. And race season has officially begun. Hearing about everyone’s early spring races, watching runners I know and the women I coach improve by leaps and bounds, seeing the hard work so many have put in over these past few months finally pay off — well, that’s enough to give me the racing bug again. The itch to race is stronger than it’s been all year. And I hope to find myself on a starting line in the (very) near future.

12 Responses to Coming Out of {Internet} Hibernation

  1. Crossfit is an asskicker, 6th month olds are awesome, and it’s a bummer that Saucony didn’t work out, but EH there will be other things. Better things. Welcome back!
    LizScott´s last post ..Half Marathons I Have Known and Loved

  2. It’s great that you can recognize when it’s good for you to take a step back. I’m glad you’re feeling better (well, except for that elbow)!
    outside time´s last post ..SOS: Achilles Tendonitis

  3. Your niece is adorable!!
    Brittany´s last post ..Things I like this week (vol 14).

  4. three things: 1) running in dreary winter conditions is the WORST. 2) Love your Saucony outfit so much! and 3)since you said you’re itching to race, you should totally sign up for the Philadelphia Marathon (registration opens April 1st). It’s not until November, but if you’ve never run it, you totally should! :)

  5. Welcome back!! It does feel like it’s been a long winter for the East Coast, but Spring HAS to be coming. I am well impressed by a stroller run of 10.5 miles…especially with no prior experience. I’ve done 6 miles and that was enough!! And yeah, your niece is very cute!!!

    I think you should come to the West Coast and run the San Francisco Marathon in June!!! Just think…no humidity, great views and sourdough bread!
    Cathryn´s last post ..Felt like flying

  6. Welcome back, Lauren! Glad all is well, I was wondering about you. Made a big move recently (to Florida, actually), and i have been super down ever since- not a fun feeling! Anyway, glad you’re back for the moment, and I hope running, weather, etc. pick up soon :-)

    • Thanks Lindsay. Any move is a tough adjustment…whether it’s something you thought you were ready for or not. I hope things in FL start turning around for you soon! Hang in there! It gets easier.

  7. I’m itching to run in a race as well. There hasn’t been any for two months now. BY the way love your running outfit!

  8. I live in Northern Michigan and skiing has been the only thing keeping me going over this LONG winter too! I finally started a training plan for a half in June – the speedwork is killing me! Spring will come!

  9. the first time i pushed my friends kid in her bob i thought i would die. i have no idea how people do it….although i know it makes you an insanely strong runner! glad you enjoyed your trip. hoping this week brought better running for you.
    elizabeth´s last post ..The #RNRNOLA Recap That Wasn’t

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