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Escape and Restoration

I haven’t quite been myself lately. Maybe you can tell from my posts (or lack thereof), maybe not. But truth be told, these past few weeks have been tough ones personally. It’s nothing major or life-altering…just a few personal and health issues that have been weighing me down.

It makes me feel a little bit like a broken record, and I hate it. These issues alone wouldn’t even be so bad, but unfortunately they’ve been exacerbated by a flare up of foot pain that is eerily similar to the injury that forced me to skip Hyannis last year. The one that signified the beginning of the end of my spring marathon training….only in the opposite foot. I’ve been doing whatever I can to avoid a repeat of last year’s training disaster, which means the past two weeks of running have been a wash. Running has always been my most effective stress reliever. So when I’m not running and under a lot of stress, well…let’s just say you should consider yourself lucky that you’re not married to me.

Anyway all of this crap swirling around has made me more hesitant to get on the internet. I’m a big advocate of not blogging when you have nothing to say, and so I’ve stepped back a bit. Especially because I just don’t feel comfortable blogging about any of this stuff. Not yet, anyway. It’s kind of funny, I guess — when it comes to my running life, I’ll tell you anything. I have no problem talking about the awful runs. Runs I cry through or workouts I can’t complete. And I certainly don’t hesitate admitting when certain embarrassing things happen during races. But when it comes to life outside of all that? Well — there’s a reason I’m a running blogger and not a lifestyle one.

snow covered tree

When I wrote my post about failing better last month, I never truly expected that I would end up going back to it so much. Repeating that phrase over and over like my new mantra. Didn’t expect that my promise to change how I react to situations outside of my control would be so hard to keep. That I would need to remind myself again and again that what matters most is how I react to my circumstances. And whether I allow setbacks and challenges to destroy me…or I use them to make me stronger. I’m not proud to admit that I’ve gone through a period over the past couple of weeks when I crumpled in the face of the hurdles instead of leaping over them.

My point in all of this vague rambling (and I promise, I do have a point) is to say that things finally seem to be on the upswing. Or, at least, my attitude toward them is. One can only have a pity party for so long, you know. And then you start to annoy even yourself.

So instead of being frustrated and stressed that I essentially missed two important weeks of training for Vermont City, I’m choosing to start fresh. Wipe the slate clean. Look forward instead of back. I’m not going to let this setback derail my entire spring. I don’t love the fact that I missed quality runs and will have to adjust my training plan. It’s not ideal that I’m behind in my build up of mileage and long runs. But I can’t change any of that now. The only thing I can do is keep pressing forward with the time that I do have. Keep working harder to make each workout and run count. And start taking better care of my body — allowing myself time to recover, eating right, rolling, icing, and all that other annoying but oh-so necessary prevention stuff that can so easily fall by the wayside.

And to help with this fresh start, I’m getting away. I am very lucky to have had a (very!) last minute, spontaneous opportunity to travel to Florida. After only 15 minutes of searching and securing some ridiculously cheap flights, I booked the trip. I’m trading snowy cold Vermont for palm trees and 80 degrees. And I’m spending the week with the newest (and by far the cutest!) member of #teamwatermelon.

Leah_teamwatermelon_1Rocking her new green Saucony Jazz sneakers – an essential in every baby’s wardrobe (and yeah, I wanted her to match her most favorite* aunt!) *I am currently awaiting confirmation that I am, indeed her favorite. But I’m sure her other 4 aunts won’t mind me claiming the title…

Leah teamwatermelon 2They might be just a little big on her at the moment….

I don’t think it’s possible to stay stressed in the presence of this cutie.

Leah teamwatermelon3

Plus, I’m counting on my new teammate to keep me motivated as I attempt to dive back into hard training. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the pain in my foot stays away for good.

Leah teamwatermelon4

My sister and her husband recently bought their first house and are already knee deep in home renovation projects. She has warned me of the likelihood that I’ll be put to work this week, but I’m strangely excited about this. I can’t think of anything more therapeutic than warm air, sunshine, baby time, and a little home renovation.

Plus, despite all the benefits of winter running, I’m more than a little excited to run in shorts and a tank top again. Maybe by the time I come back, all the snow will be melted and spring will have returned to the North. Yeah, I know, wishful thinking. But at least we’ll be one week closer.

IMG 2595

18 Responses to Escape and Restoration

  1. OH MY GOD. Leah, you precious little monster. Those shoes are awesomely cute.

    I’m digging your perspective, LBC, and I hope this trip is everything you need. Enjoy some quality baby snuggles — we’ll try to warm up the north in the meantime for you.
    Ali´s last post ..My Best Tip For Dealing With A Crohn’s Disease Flare-Up

  2. I was thinking about you this morning and was going to send you an email and see how your foot/training, etc. was going. And it’s like you are psychic, because then all of a sudden you pop into my reader to tell me all about it :) (since my concern for you is the only thing that matters, of course). I hope your trip does the trick and relieves you of the stress you are under. I also hope your stinking foot cooperates and allows you to run off some of that stress and sweat it all out down there in the heat. xoxo.
    Corey´s last post ..Rained Out

  3. Lauren – it is so interesting because I find myself in the same situation. Working on not be reactive and instead learning growing, and moving on. I like to wallow in my sadness and disappointments too. I think it’s a life long goal- not being reactive.

    I think Florida is exactly what you need! Nothing makes you feel better then a very precious baby girl. Have a great time!
    Brittany´s last post ..28 things I learned in my 28th year

  4. I can understand your reasons for staying away. When I feel this way, I usually have filler posts like recipes and things that don’t require my depth. I’m glad to hear things are on the upswing. When I’m down, Skyping with my 2-year-old niece really helps. You literally can’t NOT smile in the presence of kids like her and your niece!
    Ericka @ The Sweet Life´s last post ..10 Cute, New Blogs You Should Check Out

  5. I’m in the same boat. The last week has been a big stress roller coaster and I have to admit I have not been dealing with it as well as I like. Thanks for the shift in perspective!
    Amanda´s last post ..The Most Dreaded Distance & Why I Hate Doctors

  6. You couldn’t have said it any better when you said that not being able to deal with stress by running…does not turn you into the best version of yourself. Once I get over 24 hours without a run I tend to start to become a bit of a brat. And when I have had to take off time due to an injury. I should just come with a warning sign.

    I hope the sunshine and warmth and adorable niece are a big help! She is so precious! Enjoy!
    Gianna´s last post ..Traveling Fun and Workouts

  7. Lauren,
    I’m not sure what the entire picture of your life is right now but I loved reading your post here. And I hope that this trip to Florida is everything you need and more to come back to Vermont and pick your training back up. I went through some pretty big hurdles last fall and they knocked me off my game big time. All sorts of emotions that came from some personal life moments combined with plantar faciitis that seemed like it wasn’t going to go away. Then a hamstring strain. And then just in time for Hood to Coast…not the best me to be taking to meet a whole slew of other running blogger women…made for a ROUGH experience for me and one where I was only a shell of myself. Glad to be out of that “winter”. We are always better versions of US AFTER rough patches where we fall to the ground instead of leaping over hurdles. I like your plan here:

    “The only thing I can do is keep pressing forward with the time that I do have. Keep working harder to make each workout and run count. And start taking better care of my body — allowing myself time to recover, eating right, rolling, icing, and all that other annoying but oh-so necessary prevention stuff that can so easily fall by the wayside.”

    Thinking of you. Have fun in Florida.

  8. Sounds like you totally need the time away! Enjoy the sun and enjoy the rest and relaxation :)
    Jen@HealthyFoodandFamily´s last post ..Weekly Weigh In {2.25.13}

  9. Hi Lauren,
    I very rarely comment, but am a big fan of you and your blog. Just wanted to say I’m sorry you’re having a rough time…I sincerely hope things pick up for you soon! Please know you have total strangers out there cheering you on and thinking you’re awesome, regardless of how you’re feeling about yourself ;-)

  10. Your niece is SOOO cute. Look at those chunky legs!

    I feel you on the not running and I have to say people are extremely lucky that I am not married to them as well. In time, it will all work out and there will be more running. Sometimes you just have to pretend like the other workouts you do “do it” for you. I almost have myself convinced that I can get the same endorphin high with a spin class. Almost.

    I too hope the pain stays away — have fun visiting your sister!
    Michelle´s last post ..Advice Needed: Get Off My Damn Hip

  11. I can’t wait for spring to come to VT, as I watch huge snowflakes out my window…
    christa´s last post ..It’s Thursday really?

  12. So I’m also battling some injuries and I think the low heel drop shoes (4mm to 0mm) can cause a lot of foot and calf injuries. For me it’s been my calves: stress fracture, strained calf, etc.

    I’ve switched back to training mostly in the Guides (from Kinvara and Mirage) and doing only speedwork and racing in the more minimalist shoes. That seems to be working for me.

    In the mean time, find a golf ball or lacross ball and roll that sucker everywhere it hurts :) Feel better!

  13. Your niece is adorable and I LOVE those shoes! I just looked for them in Wyatt’s size and of course they don’t make them in wide for my chubby-footed son. Oh well.

    I hope this trip is exactly what you need. Feel better, Lauren!
    Jen´s last post ..Spectating runDisney’s Royal Family 5k

  14. I’m sorry you have some things weighing you down now…I hope that your trip to FL is exactly what you need – for your mind, body, and soul =) Your niece is adorable!! Have so much fun with her and the rest of your family !!
    Michele @ Nycrunningmama´s last post ..Menu Planning for Ironman Training

  15. This sounds strangely similar to my current situation: same season-ending pain, other side. I’ve got my fingers crossed that we will get through this!
    Lauren @ poweredbyoatmeal´s last post ..Northern girl, southern ingredient.

  16. I really identify with this post– I’ve had a tough couple of weeks myself. My main goal everyday was to stay positive- some days I really did NOT succeed!!
    I also missed two weeks of training for my upcoming race, but I’m determined to come back to training with a vengeance!!
    Curly Pink Runner´s last post ..When Life gives you lemons…..

  17. finally catching up and hoping things are better for you. and omg, your niece is adorable. maybe as cute as mine :):):)
    elizabeth´s last post ..Results and many DNS

  18. Hi! I love your photos of your baby. She is so adorable!
    Kelly Williams´s last post ..Does Ageless Male Work? Learn the Truth Here

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