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How to Feel Like a Queen in the Queen City

Thank you all for weighing in with your thoughts about the Oprah vegan episode. I really appreciated what each and every one of you added to the discussion. You may have noticed that I went on a comment-replying spree the other night. It wasn’t because I was ignoring you before then, but because I’ve had extremely sporadic internet access since writing that post.

This week, driven to near-madness by the huge piles of ice and snow that were overtaking my city, I headed south. South to the city that has somehow become a blogging-mecca: Charlotte, NC. Okay, so in reality I was just there for a work-related conference. But that certainly didn’t make me appreciate the snow-free landscape any less. Even though this trip was more work than play, I really enjoyed my short stay in the Queen City. And to ensure that you too feel like a queen (or king) whenever you visit lovely Charlotte, here are a few HOTR-approved tips guaranteed to make your stay a memorable one:

1.) Immediately after setting foot on solid Charlotte ground, do a little leap for joy — there’s no snow! Tell yourself that the snowless streets have been ordered up just for you, a New Englander who’s tired of being up to her ears (literally) in frozen snow.

2.) Arrange accommodations for yourself near the absolute best Charlotte has to offer: the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

Nascar Hall of Fame

3.) Travel in style by calling upon your private coach…err CAT…to escort you to your temporary home.


4.) Revel in the fact that the downtown of your new city is just about the same size as downtown Providence (no really, it is!). Set off to explore all 0.2 miles of your new terrain by foot.

5.) Go for a long run on beautiful tree lined streets, delighting in the fact that the grass is still green! Pick out 2 or 3 of your future homes on Queens Dr West.

charlotte nc 2.jpg(Source)

charlotte nc.jpg(Source)

6.) Shock all the locals by doing said run in shorts because it’s a glorious 41 degrees and you’ll be darned if you waste any opportunity to run in shorts in early February (while they are all bundled up against the cold).

7.) Scope out opportunities for free food and beverages. This is greatly helped by attending a conference where coffee flows like water (and water flows like…well…a limited resource).

8.) When those opportunities start to look scarce, arrange for some wonderful locals to take you out to experience fine Charlotte dining

If you’re lucky these people will show you southern hospitality at its finest, showering you with gifts and taking you out for delicious dinners.

Jen took me to Big Daddy’s where I could build my own salad complete with a huge black bean burger. Apparently the secret to its deliciousness is the sour cream the chef puts into the burger (and of course I’m sure the fact that it’s fried has something to do with it…). And then, not only did she take me to heaven in the form of a build your own froyo shop, but she also bestowed a HOTR favorite on me as a parting gift: cupcakes! (which I devoured before even taking a picture)

IMG_0176.JPGI swear there’s frozen yogurt under all those toppings…

IMG_0177.JPGPhotos via Jen

Brittney took me out for some delicious sushi at Pisces and then gave me an awesome souvenir to remember this wonderful city by.

Dinner w Brittney.JPGPhoto via Brittney

DSCN1822.JPGShe must know about my intense love for coffee

9.) Force Encourage one of those locals to come back into the city on Saturday so that you (finally!) have someone to do a long run with. Follow up this long run with an amazing cherry cream cheese scuffin from Great Harvest.

10.) Have the hotel switch you to a later check-out time, just so that you can fit in this run around conference activities. After all, it’s all about making the most of your stay as possible!

Enjoy it while it lasts. Because soon enough, you’ll be back up north fighting crusty piles of ice and snow, dreaming about spring.

15 Responses to How to Feel Like a Queen in the Queen City

  1. Ah, to run in a place without snow, and in shorts!! Amazing – I hope you soaked as much of the nice weather up as you could!
    Looks like a really fun trip – I’ve been wanting to try a Big Daddy’s burger after seeing them so many times on Caitlin’s blog.
    Hope you have a great week, and that we get to meet on Thursday!! :)

  2. Haha, I love your Queen city recap! I’m so sad you’re gone; come back! And you so did not force me to run with you. I had so much fun!

    I hope you had a good visit. Of course, it’s super warm and sunny today. I hope this weather makes it up your way!
    Jen´s last post ..Loyalty

  3. Having never been to Charlotte but wanting to go for 2 reasons (Charlotte Thunder Road Marathon and the new NASCAR Hall A Fame) your recap of the city makes a trip so appealing! Glad that you had a nice warm time

  4. I was also in Charlotte for a conference last week! Were you at the smart growth conference, by any chance?
    Kathy @ newlywedindc´s last post ..Weekly Plan

  5. It was so fun meeting you Lauren! Definitely come back for a visit again sometime! If I’m up in New England this year I’ll let you know and maybe I can take a tour of Providence with you!
    Brittney´s last post ..Running Group Reunion

  6. I’m glad (and jealous) that you had such a great time in Charlotte! I need to go to a snow-free location very soon! This is getting a little crazy. I’m also happy that you’ve returned 😉
    Becky´s last post ..Rapid Recovery

  7. Looks like a really fun trip, especially since it was for work! And don’t worry…shorts weather is right around the corner….kind of 😉
    Liz´s last post ..Make Your Own Medal Display

  8. I never knew Charlotte had that cool train! And no snow – sigh! That sounds amazing. Glad you had a fun trip :)
    Erin @ Big Girl Feats´s last post ..Be the Light

  9. sounds like the perfect trip! I totally want to venture down for the running and food alone.
    Emily´s last post ..Double Digits

  10. sounds like a delightful time!!! totally jealous of you having someone to do your long run with :)
    the dawn´s last post ..20 miler- second of 4

  11. Aww looks like so much fun! Now I feel like I need to go and visit! :)
    Rach´s last post ..Three Years Ago Today…

  12. Looks like a fun time!! Charlotte really is a mecca for awesome food/running blogs. Maybe we can make New England the same : )
    Lizzy´s last post ..Long Run and Weekly Workout Recap

  13. What a great trip you had and the two gals that added to your fun – yay!
    You’re so right – here in the NE we’ve saved the snow for you. It’s pretty but it is cold. :)
    I’ll be in Myrtle Beach next week and it BETTER BE warm!
    Joanne´s last post ..Energy Boosts &amp Quinoa Tropical Fruit Salad

  14. haha i love your dumpage of all the best toppings on your froyo- mmm the more the better for sure!
    wow i must say, that train looks like something from the future! it would be so cool to have one near my house that could take me downtown or even up island for some shopping/exploring! i’d get there in half the time it usually takes.

    Charlotte looks really fantastic! i love how tall the trees are too!! <3

  15. How did Charlotte become a blogging mecca? Is it because a certain blogger moved there? Hmmmm.

    41 degrees is SO shorts weather! It was funny when it was in the 40’s here and people were out in full force…in their cold weather gear. I think they run and hide when it’s 20 degrees so they think 40 is cold.

    I need a trip up to RI soon so we can do a long run together! I would gladly be your running buddy.
    Susan´s last post ..work

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