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On Not {Turkey} Trotting

I have a confession to make.

Not once in my 28 years of life have I ever done a Turkey Trot.



Okay, okay. This doesn’t really qualify as a confession. It’s not like it’s some deep dark secret I’m ashamed of. Plus, I’m pretty sure I admitted this to you all last year anyway (stupid blog archives calling me out on my lies…).

But whatever. For the sake of this post, I thought it was important to get that out there. Especially during this time when it seems like everyone and their dog has signed up for one.

And then you have me. Proudly keeping the No Turkey Trot Streak alive and well over here.

I never actually gave these races much thought until I started a running blog and joined Twitter. Suddenly, it seemed like every single person around me was spending Thanksgiving morning “trotting.”

Everyone besides me, that is…

I get the concept. I actually think it’s a great one. People should exercise on a regular basis anyway, so on a day when you plan to stuff your face for hours, it’s probably safe to say that exercise is even more important. I mean, I’m no personal trainer or nutritionist, but I think it has something to do with the fact that Thanksgiving calories-in >>>> {official symbol for are way greater than} calories-out. Anything that gets people up and moving is great in my book.

Well in theory, anyway. Seeing as I’ve never actually taken the initiative to sign up for one, you should probably take that endorsement with a grain of salt.

It’s not like I don’t run on Thanksgiving. In fact, I’d say that I’ve probably run on the majority of Thanksgiving mornings for most of my adult life. Sometimes other people have joined me, sometimes I head out solo. When I was younger, my mom, sister and I had a little tradition of running a few miles together in the morning around my grandfather’s neighborhood. But then one year we got a little lost. And that 2.5 mile jog kept getting longer and longer. While I saw it as a hilarious adventure, my sister did not. And so that was the end of that tradition.

Then last year I dragged Evan out of the house with me for our first “official” Thanksgiving Day run. Per his request, we ran exactly 3.1 miles — the precise run length we’d need to burn off the number of calories consumed later (…divided by 5).

I briefly thought about breaking The Streak this year. I even went so far as to look up potential local races. And then Evan and I talked it over. …or really, I should say… I brought the idea up to Evan once and we had a 5 second conversation that went something like this:

Me:  Hey! Did you get that email I sent you with the link to the local Turkey Trot? (because obviously I couldn’t wait the extra 2 hours until he came home to show him the race).

Evan: Oh…yeah…

Me: What do you think? You want to do it?

Evan: {long pause} Well… {another pause} You could sign up if you want. I don’t want to be the reason you don’t run!

Me: But you don’t want to do it?

Evan:  Ummm…not this year.

Me: Okay. Forget it.

Evan: No really! You should sign up if you want. I’ll come watch. I just don’t want to run.

Me: Meh.

And that basically sums up my level of excitement for Turkey Trots.

Don’t get me wrong — I get the appeal. Maybe if there was one right in my town, I’d go run it. But we’re traveling tomorrow to Evan’s family and then traveling again this weekend to go see mine, and frankly, I’m just too lazy to travel again for a race that I wasn’t really all that excited about doing in the first place.

Yep. Lazy.

Plus, I’ve got a streak to keep alive.

I will probably still run tomorrow morning. Slowly. And, although he doesn’t know it yet, I have every intention of dragging Evan along with me. I’m sure he’ll thank me for it later. (wife of the year)

pond_reflectionCompletely irrelevant fall photo to show you where I’ll run tomorrow (except it doesn’t really look like this anymore)

For those of you who are trotting tomorrow – good luck! I truly hope you have a blast and burn lots of calories.

But this post is for the non-trotters. Those who either don’t have a Turkey Trot nearby or who just don’t feel like signing up for one.

I raise my glass of eggnog and my plate of Tofurky and pie to you.

ThanksgivingtofurkyMmmm mmm…doesn’t that just make your mouth water…? {via yumsugar}

28 years and the “No Turkey Trot” streak is still going strong!

…and yes, I like to make up ridiculous streaks around pointless things. Such as the Great Running Tight Boycott of 2011 (which still happens to be one of my more popular posts. A fact that I find sort of hilarious). It’s the {ontherun}way!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Okay but really – I’m not really advocating for laziness tomorrow. And if you have 30 minutes to work out, you should probably do it. Small sacrifice for spending the other 23.5 hours of the day eating. Your arteries will thank you later. And that’s my PSA for the day…



22 Responses to On Not {Turkey} Trotting

  1. I’ve never done a turkey trot either! I’ve always wanted to, but for some reason or another, it never works out. I’m running an unofficial one tomorrow with friends, but I have 6 miles on my schedule to do anyway, so it will at least be nice to have a few of those miles with friends.

    Happy Thanksgiving Lauren! Eat lots of Tofurky and enjoy your family!!!

  2. Race or not, I always try and run on Thanksgiving. I’m the youngest of the family so I never have to cook or do a whole lot that requires time (or even travel). We have a 5k about 1/2 mile from our house that we like to do and it runs right by our house! Even though it won’t even burn off half the amount of calories in the cheesecake I will eat – it’s still a fun way to celebrate Thanksgiving morning! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I’m doing one tomorrow, but you don’t even get a medal. Did I still race if I don’t get a medal?
    Rose @ RoseRunsSlow´s last post ..OBX Half Marathon Race Recap

  4. I’m with you on that. I like Turkey Trots in theory, but I have NO desire to ever run one.
    Jean´s last post ..Random Shit Tuesday

  5. my first race ever was thanksgiving morning last year. it was great but i don’t know if i’ll ever do it again. this day is stressful enough without racing!
    jess´s last post ..not every run is a pr…

  6. I read this post approximately 10 minutes after signing up for my very first Turkey Trot, haha! I am already scheduled to run 5 miles tomorrow for my marathon training and that’s the distance of the race so I figured why run with a bunch of other people and get a shirt for it? Good luck getting Evan out the door with you in the morning :)
    Chasity Grome´s last post ..The Holidays are Here!!

  7. *Why NOT run with a bunch of other people.
    Please excuse the silly typo.
    Chasity Grome´s last post ..The Holidays are Here!!

  8. This year will be my first one, last year I was injured. This will be a little different, though, since we are doing two races in Plymouth. A 4.77 mile race and then a 5K, and then we eat a bowl of stuffing to complete the second helping challenge. It should be fun!

    But I definitely understand NOT doing one either. I’m not sure that we will do one every year.
    Jamie @ couchtoironwoman´s last post ..Cheribundi Giveaway Winner

  9. i never turkey trotted either and don’t plan on doing it anytime soon. i’ll run tomorrow morning but i’ll pick the time, distance, and pace :)

    btw, i still haven’t worn tights since winter of 2011. i wear crops but no tights (does that count?).
    Kristy´s last post ..WHYY 12K Recap

  10. 34 years of not turkey trotting and standing proud!

    Ok, so I haven’t been running that long, but I just don’t see the appeal. I’d rather run a race on another day and spend the holidays with my family! I’m not opposed to exercising– in fact I think is this the first year I don’t plan on waking up early to squeeze something in — but I’d rather spend my time snuggled up with my family watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.

    Hope you guys have a great Thanksgiving!
    Michelle´s last post ..Baby Update #2: Sweet Sixteen

  11. I would actually love to do a real turkey trot if there was one nearby. The closest one is an hour away and when I wrote the RD he said it was just for fun- no chip timing and they weren’t sure how accurate the course would be. No thank you very much. If I’m going to drive anywhere to RACE then it better have official times and an official course!

    I used to live in a town with a turkey trot on Thanksgiving and a Jingle Jog a week or two before Christmas. They were well organized and so much fun. Since there is nothing like that where I live now I usually just go for a run with a friend. Whether you race or not running on Thanksgiving seems like a cardinal rule for just about every runner I know!
    Tia @ Arkansas Runner Mom´s last post ..The anniversary of my worst race ever…

  12. I love “the trot” just because I love races in general so why not do another one (and usually they are really close to home and fairly short) but…I’m sadly opting out this year since my legs are still sore from the Philly Marathon Sunday and I’m resting up for Rehobath Beach in 2.5 weeks! Anyway, I support your streak either way and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving :) –Ericka @ The Sweet Life (sweetlifeericka.com)
    Ericka @ The Sweet Life´s last post ..Google Plus Hangouts: Do It

  13. I’m turkey trotting on Sunday. Does that count?

  14. I’ll run on Thanksgiving, but hell if I’m waking up early to do it — a major reason I have not trotted! I like to squeeze my T-day running into the window exactly in between when things go in the oven and when football starts.
    Kimra´s last post ..Run Less, Run Faster Week 2: Practicing Resilience

  15. Ok that time we got lost on a Thanksgiving run at grandpa and grandpa’s house was traumatic!! I felt like we ran 10 miles that morning!! Haha I will be with you on the no turkey trotting tomorrow although I will be making a visit to Jillian Michaels :-) see you soon! Happy thanksgiving!!!!

  16. Oh I am doing the local one tomorrow
    I actually dont know why…I hate 5Ks….I really do.
    they feel like death to me….
    but….they have the kids run and the boys really like this one…they get MEDALS!…and it is in my favorite town around here..reminds me of home a little….minus the snow right now…so I go….
    I have to go sign up today since I have been procrastinating …

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Evan!
    caroline´s last post ..Thank you Oiselle

  17. The trots round here are SO expensive so last year we did our own. Head-dresses all round. Us, a friend visiting from the UK and one poor American. And we’re doing the 2nd Annual Trot tomorrow prob with three Indians! Should be fun!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving
    Cathryn´s last post ..Konnichiwa…

  18. Funny, I did my first Thanksgiving day race in ’89 and missed only one since. It would have been my 20th running of the one where my parents live, but we had 2.5 feet of snow the night before and nobody plowed the roads.

    I use that as an excuse to stay at home and not drive up there anymore, which is cool since there are multiple races to choose from.

    Anyhow, yay streaks would be the point of my comment.

  19. I swear I don’t recall anyone talking about running a “Turkey Trot” last year. This year, everyone was tweeting and talking about it…posting pictures, etc. And yes, I signed up for one last minute. I noticed it because I saw a banner while I was driving around one day and decided to sign up for it. It was fun, but I would’ve ran that day anyway whether I signed up for it or not. Still, totally worth it :-)

  20. Yes, I feel the same way about turkey trots. Haven’t done one. probably never will. But I do get in a good workout!
    Candice´s last post ..Thanksgiving 2012

  21. Never have run a Turkey Trot! Loved rolling out of bed and getting a solid 15 in and then dinner. Day off from work, run when and how far I want! I will say, I only had to show up to dinner, no one wants me to cook :).

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