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Recap, Run, Read, Repeat

I made it my big goal for 2013 to improve my blog titles. This current one is a winner for sure…

Anyway, this week has been off to a weird start. We have snow today, rain and 50+ degree temperatures forecasted for tomorrow.

In a two day span I’ve managed to break several pieces of nice glassware, including stuff that actually belongs to my sister (I’m blaming the dog…he’s too cute for her to get angry at. Me? Not so much…).

I think I’m still feeling tired from my super “long” and intense 10 mile run on Saturday.

I’ve been having weird dreams about Cylons (After years of making fun of him for his obsession with Battlestar Galactica, Evan finally convinced me to watch the show. We started buzzing through episodes on Netflix and we’re already into Season 3. Someone please stop me!)

And apparently I missed the memo that we’re all supposed to be excited about vitamins today. I keep seeing mentions about how today is supposedly National Vitamin Day, but according to this website, it’s actually National Cornchips Day. I think I’d rather celebrate that one, thanks. (A quick web search revealed that it may also be National Freethinkers Day, Curmudgeons Day, Puzzle Day, or Seeing Eye Dog Day…I suggest you pick your favorite one and celebrate!)

Koli_1.28.2013This pretty much sums up how I’m feeling this morning

So what follows is a semi-random brain dumb…brought to you by the letter R.


Thank you for weighing in with your thoughts on the $500 Marathon. I loved reading everyone’s perspectives on the resolution options and running the 2013 New York City Marathon. I knew how I felt about the whole thing, but I was actually somewhat surprised that so many also decided to go for the refund (or said they would if they had been registered).

For those who are interested, I have tabulated the results of my super unscientific blog-comment poll. According to the comments on my last post (and not tweets, emails, etc), the majority of people felt that the refund was the best option. 76.7% of people who commented one way or the other about the issue said they took/would take the refund (vs. 6% who are running the marathon in one of the next few years and 3.3% unsure).

So there you go NYRR. I just did all your analysis for you. You’re welcome.

Okay, so I realize this sample is in no way representative of the population of runners who registered for the 2012 NYCM, but now I’m even more interested to see what happens this year. It would be really cool if NYRR gives us some sort of breakdown on what participants chose to do (too much to ask??). And if most people chose the refund, I wonder how that will impact the organization.

Anyway — for those of you who are running this year…I do hope things have settled down a bit before November and that the race will be a great experience.



It’s been cold lately. I know this. You know this. No one can stop talking about it. We’re supposed to get some relief over the next few days (which currently means 22 degrees in Vermont), but running last week was a lesson in character-building.

When I woke up on Saturday morning determined to finally get myself back into the double digits, the temperatures hadn’t seemed to get the memo. A double digit run in single digit temps is not exactly my idea of fun.

I procrastinated long enough for the air to hit a balmy 10 degrees and then finally sucked it up and headed out into the frozen tundra. 10 miles in 10 degrees seemed oddly fitting…in a slightly masochistic type of way. My body didn’t really know how to handle it — I was cold, then hot, then cold again. The wind was bitter. I was afraid my face would literally freeze off. But in the end? The run was kind of awesome.

I don’t really love running in such cold temperatures. 25 – 30 degrees I can do. Anything below that becomes a test of fortitude. One that takes a little extra effort in order to get myself psyched up.

But the funny part about Saturday’s run was that despite the frigid air, I started to really and truly enjoy it. Overnight flurries had left a thin fresh layer of snow covering the shoulders of the roads and the branches of the trees. Something about the clean crisp white, the rolling farmland and mountains, and the fact that I didn’t have to battle stoplights, city slush or traffic brought me to the exciting revelation — Vermont winter running is way better than Providence winter running…even with the colder temps and extra snow. I’d so much rather run where the scenery makes the miles fly by than where I’m dodging cars, bikes, other pedestrians and piles of dirty slush. All complaining about winter running stops now (or at least that’s what I told myself on Saturday…we’ll see how long this declaration lasts).

Unfortunately, that run took way more out of me than it probably should have, and I spent all of Sunday trying to recover. Marathon training has officially begun!


Just a few running related articles I came across this past week that I thought worth sharing.

Is There One Right Way to Run?

Very interesting article that highlights a new study on the way a traditionally barefoot tribe from Northern Kenya runs — and contrasts that with the results of the original Harvard study that helped support the barefoot/anti-heel striking trend in 2010. Scientists in each study analyzed a different tribe of traditionally barefoot runners from different regions of Kenya (the Kalejin Tribe vs the Daasanch) to determine their natural foot strike. I found the article interesting because it’s something that I’ve believed all along — there is no one “right” way to run. I changed my footwear/form because what I was doing stopped working for me. But like I said in my post last week — if your form works for you, don’t let the minimalist running trend pressure you into changing it!

Training for Boston By Starting From Scratch

I loved this piece by Amby Burfoot about getting back in shape because it’s a great reminder that all runners (even the elite) have to start from somewhere. I especially loved this part of the article. Basically sums up my training at this point.

There’s no joy, poetry, or rhythm to those first few weeks. Your body seems to have forgotten that it’s been running since you were three years old. There’s no connection between your shoulders, your arms, your knees, and your feet. They don’t work together like the fluid, well-oiled machine you remember. Instead, they rattle and rumble and lumber along. You don’t run like a Kenyan, you run like a Quasimodo.

So far as I know, there is no way to avoid this process, and there is only one way through it: sheer will. You go out and force yourself to do the ugly thing tomorrow, and then the day after that, and then the day after that. You trust that a better day will come. No matter how slow, awkward, and horrible each run feels, you envision a more-fluid future. You stay optimistic.

The Race Grows Sweeter Near Its Final Lap

A touching story about love and running. Huge thanks to Ali for sharing this one!


And finally — tunes have been a run-essential these days, especially when I find myself on the treadmill with nothing to stare at but my own reflection. The best way to get through a treadmill run is to plug in, blast the music, and just go. Here’s what I have on repeat lately.

Ludacris ft Usher & David Guetta — “Rest of My Life” (My new run jam)

Maroon 5 — “Lucky Strike” (there’s lots of great songs to run to on their new album, but I love the beat of this one)

Mumford & Sons – “I Will Wait” (Really the whole album is amazing…just like the one before that. Mumford & Sons has been the soundtrack to many successful training and tempo runs.)

Swedish House Mafia – “Don’t You Worry Child

Usher – “Numb

The Barden Bellas – “Bellas Finals” (What? The song’s got a great crescendo and energy!).

I want to know — what’s your latest run jam? I’m in need of some fresh tunes!


30 Responses to Recap, Run, Read, Repeat

  1. Muse – Madness

  2. Also loving on “I Will Wait!”

    Here are some new jams (to me) on the treadmill rotation:

    – “Va Va Voom” – Nicki Minaj
    – “Let Me Love You” – Ne-Yo
    – “What if the Storm Ends?” – Snow Patrol
    – “The Silent Hearts (feat. BT),” “This Light Between Us (feat. Christian Burns)” – Armin van Buuren (a lot of fun trance-ish tracks on his album)

  3. 1. Did a snow run this weekend. Was dreading it but ended up loving it as well!
    2. I am LOVING Imagine Dragon’s: It’s Time. Gets my heart pumpin from the start!

  4. I am seriously going to have to read some Amby Burfoot come June. I know I will mentally be so ready to run — but so far away from it physically. The thought already depresses me!

    Current jam: Back to Love – DJ Pauly D feat. Jay Sean. It’s on serious repeat.

    Oh, and I’m pretty sure my blog is doing jazz hands today for National Vitamin Day (a new made up holiday?).
    Michelle´s last post ..Move Monday: Pushups

  5. So pretty! And I seriously love Koli! So cute.

    I don’t listen to music while I run, but if I did I would listen to “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore on repeat.
    Jamie @ couchtoironwoman´s last post ..Eating Hills for Breakfast

  6. I didn’t get to weigh in on your last post but I took the refund! You can add me to your totals:) I have run NYC once and I decided that was enough for me at least for now. To be truthful I wasn’t even that in love with the race but feel more pressured to sign up for it living in NYC. If a lot of people took the refund I bet they will make up their money by raising the price for all the other participants who did not take the deferral option!!

  7. I’d take curmudgeons over having vitamins shoved in my face any day! And YES, Mumford & Sons are (is?) great running music (for longer runs, at least). I love I Will Wait, and the lyrics of Hopeless Wanderer translate surprisingly well to running. The Boxer is pretty awesome too. I love the dobro!
    Jean´s last post ..Exciting News and a Music Complex

  8. I would much rather celebrate national cornchips day. I’m not really excited about vitamins, but cornchips, that makes my stomach happy!
    Steph @ Steph Runs On´s last post ..Music Monday – Disney Time!

  9. I love those songs you have listed. Check out ‘Turbulence’ by Steve Aoki/Lil Jon/Laidback Luke. It’s a hot song and has a crazy beat so I’m sure a speedy runner like you would love it!!
    Chels R.´s last post ..Hot Tracks Tuesday and a Giveaway.

  10. The story about the old people made me cry a little! So sweet. So deliciously lovely.

    I ran in the snow this week in the UK and thought of you. It wasn’t that cold temperature-wise but for a brief moment, the world was white and beautiful!!!
    Cathryn´s last post ..The run must go on…

  11. Haha, if I see another post about those bloody vitamins I may have to scream. I much prefer ‘National Curmudgeon Day’ because really that’s every day for me 😛

    We’ve had similar weather in the Northern UK – the wind’s enough to freeze your nose off sometimes. Our weather must parallel yours because it’s now a lot warmer with gale force winds and rain – can’t really win!

    I’m listening to ‘Scream’ by Usher quite a lot. Seems to have a similar beat to a lot of your choices :)

  12. OMG OMG running tunes. Yessssssss.

    Ok, on repeat for me:

    Pink: Blow Me (One Last Kiss) and Raise Your Glass
    Muse: Madness
    Numb/Encore: Jay-Z and Linkin Park
    LizScott´s last post ..On Staying Young, with a Side Rant about Whole 30

    • YES! (to all of these) Numb/Encore and I go WAY back! That song got me through my first marathon. Now you’ve got me thinking about it again…might just have to add it back into the rotation.

  13. I like the idea of celebrating national cornchips day! Although I do LOVE my gummy one a day vitamins! :)
    Julie @ Sweetly Balanced´s last post ..Extra Motivation Hump Day

  14. Hi! Just stumbled upon your blog a couple of days ago, and thought I’d leave a comment regarding running tunes. I ran without music for years, but when I moved to the east coast a couple of years ago I wasn’t used to the (seeming) insanity of outdoor running in the winter, and hit the treadmill for a while. Cue…running playlist! Now I’m all gear-ready for cold weather, but I still love me my tunes on solo runs.

    “Dance For Me” – CunninLynguists (don’t judge em tell you’ve heard em)
    “I Want You So Hard” – Eagles of Death Metal
    “Rill Rill” – Sleigh Bells
    “Little Bit of Feel Good” – Jamie Lidell (overall amazing artist)
    “Pusherman” – Curtis Mayfield (he’s generally good for longer, 8+ miles, runs imo)
    “Iron” – Woodkid (I like to imagine I’m a contemporary ballet dancer/runner when I hear this)

    okay, that’s all for now! Love your blog! :)


  15. Totally agree on Don’t you worry child – that played several times during my marathon last weekend! A couple other favorites:

    Flo Rida (can never get enough of him) – I Cry
    Pitbull – Don’t Stop the Party
    Calvin Harris – Sweet Nothing

    And a totally random:
    Train – 50 Ways to say goodbye
    Gianna´s last post ..ING Miami Marathon: Recap

    • I have all of these on my running playlist besides Calvin Harris. I can’t believe I missed that one! Off to correct it now :)

  16. I’ve enjoyed running to “Thrift Shop” by Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis. Ridiculous lyrics but such a fun beat!

  17. We’ve been having the same kind of weather here the past few days (rain/snow/50s), but it’s going to go back to freezing tomorrow. Kudos for getting out in the snow to run!
    Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian´s last post ..Setbacks

  18. I don’t listen to music on the run!

    I saw that article about the “right” way to run…and how there really isn’t a right way! Born to Run got people SO caught up in the “right” way to run, meaning barefoot/forefoot striking, which made me kind of rage-y. I say whatever works for an individual person to keep them injury free is the right way to go……we’re not REALLY winning anything for doing this for a living. Or to catch dinner…
    Susan – Nurse on the Run´s last post ..i’m grumpy / running pet peeves

  19. random 2 on my running music:
    totally not a big taylor swift fan but her new one i knew you were trouble is good.
    i love florence & the machine so her song with calvin harris, sweet nothing, is a new one for me too. flo rida’s whistle is good too.
    elizabeth´s last post ..Losin’ It

  20. I like running because it is good for the whole body. To get prepared for the long runs I usually take Navy Seal formula, which quickly brings me up. It is manufactured by MGNutritionals and was developed specially for the Army, but it is good for everyone who needs more energy for active lifestyle.

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