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The Rest of the Story

Well…there’s something I need to confess to you.

I didn’t celebrate National Running Day. I didn’t even really acknowledge it.

I also haven’t really been running quite so much lately…or at least my overall mileage has decreased (by a lot).

And even though everything I told you in my post about not running Vermont City was true, I did leave out one little, but important detail.

The detail that explains why I started experiencing back pain on my runs. Why I lost motivation to train. And why (even though I was technically cleared) I decided it was best to sit out of VCM a couple of weekends ago.

Because at the moment — I’m focusing on a different type of training plan. One that’s longer than anything I’ve ever done. And instead of making me fitter and faster, it’ll ultimately make me gain weight and slow down.

A type of training that’s already proven harder than any marathon training plan I’ve ever taken on.

cheese baby_announcement1

But it does come with a super sweet reward at the end…

cheese baby_announcement2


cheese baby_announcement3


Cheese Baby – coming December 2013*!


We’re kinda really excited…

cheese baby_announcement4

*Yeah, I know it’s kind of early to announce this sort of thing, but I got tired of trying to hide it (aka just not blog ever). Also, it’s really tough to keep something this exciting a secret for so long!

More to come!

69 Responses to The Rest of the Story

  1. Congratulations!!! Enjoy this new type of “training” :) Happy pregnancy!
    Caroline´s last post ..I’m A Runner {Happy National Running Day!}

  2. Congratulations on the baby! Hope everything goes well for you

  3. Congratualtions!!
    christa´s last post ..Wordless Wednesday

  4. congratulations! so exciting. And I love your announcement-super cute.
    Renee @ Renee Runs Miles´s last post ..Running Pop Quiz!

  5. YAY! Congrats-I kinda wondered if that was the reason you did not run your marathon! Your marathon endurance will come in handy over the next 9 months. I love the race bib idea-SO cute! Best of luck during your pregnancy!

  6. Wow!! Great news! Congratulations to both of you! You’ll be wonderful parents!

  7. AHHHHHHHH you’re going to be the cutest pregnant woman ever!!!! Congrats to you both, so so exciting!
    Ashley´s last post ..Challenge Accepted

  8. This is so adorable! Congratulations :) I honestly didn’t suspect, but I don’t have a radar for this kind of thing. I’m so excited for you both!
    Amanda @ Peanut Butter & Adrenaline´s last post ..My First 5k

  9. Congratulations! That’s so exciting. Babies are the bomb (just don’t let my mom hear me say that — I’m still in college and not expected to have a baby for quite a long time.)
    Sarah´s last post ..DC Running

  10. awwww congrats!!! I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on running while pregnant. I didn’t run much at all – the first trimester for me was sheer exhaustion, all day, every day. The 2nd I was plagued with SI Joint issues that made walking painful and the 3rd trimester I just…couldn’t/didn’t want to. Keep moving though, it’ll help more than you know :)

    Babies rock :) :) Enjoy the journey (it goes by so much quicker than you could ever imagine, in a good way!)
    Heidi´s last post ..A Pinning Party

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  12. sooooo happy for yall! and what a cute way to announce it! congrats :):)
    elizabeth´s last post ..The Gift of Running

  13. SO EXCITED for you guys!!!!!! Congrats!

    You two are ridiculously cute.

  14. Congratulations to you and Evan!!! What wonderful news! :)
    Jessie´s last post ..Cranberry and Toasted Almond Biscotti

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  16. Where did you get your bibs made?

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