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This Week

It’s only Tuesday, but this week has already felt so long. I guess when you compare it to the never-ending horror of the week before it shouldn’t feel that way at all. But truthfully, between everything that happened — the bombing, the explosion in West Texas, the devastating earthquake in China, and the tense manhunt on Friday — I only just now feel like I’m coming up for air (I’m sure many others feel the same).

It doesn’t help that we’re moving on Saturday and still have a ton left to do. And on top of all that, I’m currently trying to cut back on my caffeine intake (no, I have nothing against caffeine. But I think drinking less of it every single day can ultimately help my running. More on that later…). Probably not the best time to start this ridiculous challenge. But whatever, I’m already committed.

The problem is, the world doesn’t seem quite so bright without my beloved caffeine coursing through my veins (…sign of a true addict…).

So today’s post is brought to you in bullet form.

  • It was really moving to see the way that runners from all over the country came together and participated in various #BostonStrong events last night. You’ll be surprised to hear that there wasn’t an official run in “The Middle of Nowhere” Vermont, so I went out on a little Boston run of my own…decked out in my lovely bright yellow shirt from 2009. Not quite the same, but it was nice to take time to reflect on the events of the past week. I know it’ll be a long road ahead, but I pray that the people of Boston are healing.

OneFundFlag logoThere are many ways you can help the victims of Monday’s bombings, including making a donation to the The One Fund Boston

  • Training is….still going. Last week’s runs were kind of a free-for-all. Despite trying several times, I just couldn’t muster up the motivation to get through any speed work. So I scrapped any plans to run fast and simply focused on running. I’m not going to lie — it felt good not to worry about my pace at all for a few days. Plus, last week just seemed to call for difficulty in the form of tackling hills, not mile repeats.
  • We’ll be one month out from Vermont City Marathon this weekend. I cannot believe it’s coming so fast. I can’t say that I feel truly ready yet, but here’s hoping a few hard weeks of training changes that.
You want me to run what?? – How I’m currently feeling about this week’s workouts
  • Last Saturday I came downstairs, looked around, and was hit by the realization that we were moving in exactly one week and had absolutely nothing packed. I swore to myself I wasn’t going to procrastinate this time around, but here we are…down to the last days and scrambling to finish. The pressure is on — we have some very official movers coming on Saturday (aka the in-laws) and I’m not so sure Evan’s mom will be thrilled at the prospect of packing up our bedrooms for us.
  • I have moved almost every year since college. In case you’re wondering, that adds up to…a lot of moves. All of these moves have been done sans movers – just myself and whatever unlucky friends/family we’ve been able to recruit with the promise of free pizza and beer. You’d think that after all this time I’d have basically become a professional. But nope. My hatred for packing burns stronger than ever.
  • Evan sat me down this weekend to make a list of “packing tasks.” He wanted to assign one room to each day in order to make packing up an entire house seem a little more manageable.

Or at least that’s what I’m assuming he was doing. I was too busy trying to escape.

  •  It’s not just packing for moves, mind you. Whenever I have to pack to go anywhere, I’m scrambling at the last minute…throwing whatever I can into the suitcase (because who knows what you might need!).

This…every single time.

  • I’m trying to take a more organized approach this time around, but I just know that Friday night is going to roll around and all hell will break loose. I’ll be throwing everything that’s left into the same box. Good luck trying to find the kitchen stuff later.
  • I am really really going to miss our tiny little town. The sadness has hit me more than once in the past week. Don’t get me wrong — I’m excited to get into our new house. And to live in a place with just a few more people that are actually in town year-round. But I’m going to miss the quaintness. The trails that are basically right out our back door. The views. And of course, the easy access to the best cheese in the entire world.

IMG 3226Koli reflects on his time here

  • Fortunately we aren’t moving all that far away. A half hour is easy driving distance anywhere — in Vermont, that’s basically your standard trip to the grocery store.

IMG 3230Green is finally returning to the Green Mountain State


Good luck to everyone racing this weekend! I’ll be thinking of you while I’m having the best time lugging boxes up and down the stairs.

13 Responses to This Week

  1. Good luck with the move!! Moving is the worst. I feel like I have moved at least once a year during my whole life too except for my current apartment where I have been two years..woo hoo!! Where are you moving??

  2. Wow- those scenery pictures even make me miss you moving from there and I haven’t even been to that state! Just beautiful. When I think about where and how my husband and I lived our first year of marriage it brings back many good memories. Life was so simple then. Of course it didn’t seem that way at the time and I “felt” just as busy as I do now. So, so different though. Someday you will think back to this time and remember your quaint little house and I’m sure you’ll have many good memories too.

    I hope your move goes well and you are able to keep up your training too.

    btw- thanks for your comment on my blog and for cheering in Boston! Boston has the BEST spectators ever. It makes me emotional just thinking about it. Anyway- thanks again!!
    Tia @ Arkansas Runner Mom´s last post ..The Boston Marathon- Part Two: Race Report!

  3. Jenna Marbles!

    At least moving can double as “strength training,” right? Good luck with everything!
    outside time´s last post ..Weeks 15 & 16: Wisconsin Half Marathon Training

  4. Good luck with moving this weekend! It’ll be over before you know it. Can’t wait to see new pics. I’m so jealous of Vermont. I live in So Cal. Weather’s great here yada yada, but man what I would do to walk outside my house to that beautiful Vermont scenery ;)

  5. Lauren!

    I’m sorry you’re having a rough one. I loathe moving too – I procrastinate because I hate packing so much.

    Sending happy thoughts your way.

    Brittany Long´s last post ..Things I like this week (vol 15).

  6. I haven’t moved in 5 years. It is pretty much unheard of in the NYC area. My place is gorgeous though and rent is dirt cheap. I refuse to move until forced! Good luck!!!
    Gianna @ Run, Lift, Repeat´s last post ..Asbury Half Marathon Recap

  7. good luck with the move! i moved a lot after college and during grad school and never had professional movers (of course – i was a poor student). even when i moved into my current house (ahem, into my 30s) – no professional movers. it much cheaper to bribe friends and family with pizza and beer :)
    kristy´s last post ..(brief) thoughts on Boston

  8. Ack, moving! I was lucky to have movers growing up (military family), but those moves after college were a mess. It’s definitely a good time to declutter, though. Nothing sets an items worth more than the thought of packing it.
    Gracie (Complicated Day)´s last post ..Tough enough to get over injury

  9. Moving really is awful and I think it only gets harder as you get older, because you end up with so much more stuff.

    That’s also how I pack a suitcase, by the way.
    Steph @ Steph Runs On´s last post ..Music Monday…errr, Tuesday! Yay Tuesday!

  10. That’s a lot of moving. I’ve only moved once in my entire life. I suck at moving, but I really don’t want practice. haha
    Elizabeth´s last post ..Marathon in the Land of Oz Recap.

  11. Those are hilarious gifs, especially the Ron Swanson one. Love!

    Good luck with the move (we moved 2 couches up an enormous flight of stairs last year, and through a door barely wide enough to squeeze them through. aka, nightmare. So, I feel ya!)…it’ll feel really good once everything’s finally moved in though.

    And good luck with training! you can do it!
    Lina´s last post ..TWENTY.

  12. i can relate…i had to move in college almost every semester (sorority stuff) and it made me loathe moving-yet when I moved to atlanta I moved 7 times until i bought my condo (in 8 years). I hired people for 6 of them. and i would always procrastinate-but i work better under pressure. Hoping it still goes smooth for you and you love your new house!
    elizabeth´s last post ..Two Different Kinds of Strong

  13. Hope the move went well :)
    Jen@HealthyFoodandFamily´s last post ..Wow

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