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A Very Special Birthday

We interrupt our regular posting schedule for a very special announcement:

Today is my baby’s 1st Birthday!

Koli_5 wks 2.jpg

I can’t believe how fast the time has gone by. And how quickly he’s grown from this:

Koli_5 wks.jpg

To this:


When Koli came into my life, I actually hadn’t been looking for a puppy. I’d wanted a dog of my own forever, but always thought I’d adopt an older dog (Boxer, of course!) for my first one. However, once I found out that a family member’s Boxer had a litter of puppies, I just knew I had to have one of my own.

Koli_5 wks 3.jpg

And although having a puppy has been a lot of work (and at times, very stressful), I wouldn’t change it for the world. This little guy is my buddy. I’ve loved watching him grow over this past year, and am excited for many more adventures together in years to come.

Koli_9 wks.jpg

Koli_9 wks and Cooper.jpg

So today, in honor of my little man’s birthday, I will overload you with puppy pictures. And then I’m going to go make him a “cake” — complete with kibble, peanut butter, plain yogurt, and whippin’ cream. :)

Koli_9 wks 2.jpg







Happy Birthday little guy!



17 Responses to A Very Special Birthday

  1. Aww, happy birthday! He’s adorable.

  2. OMG, too, too, too precious! He was (is?) such a cute puppy! Happy birthday, Koli!

    It kills me how quickly they grow up and age. Nati is 8 1/2 and I still vividly remember the day we brought him home from the pound when he was 3 weeks and 3 lbs. Breaks my heart how quickly it goes!

    • 3 weeks?! That’s teeny!! I can’t even imagine – he must’ve seemed so fragile. And yes, I really wish they would stay small for longer. I can’t believe how fast they grow!

  3. Oh. my. gosh. These pictures just melted my heart!! Koll is so beautiful! It is so crazy how fast they grow! Does he ever run with you?
    I want a puppy so badly, but as you said, it will be a lot of work and sometimes stressful, so I know I need to wait until I can handle all that.
    You are obviously a wonderful dog, mommy :)

    • Thank you :) I don’t run with him yet, even though I really want to. You’re technically not supposed to until they’re full grown/their growth plates close (which for Boxers isn’t until ~18 months). You have to be really careful about not over-exercising them until then. But it’s tough because he has SO much energy! And of course I’d love a running buddy. So I’m going to wait a couple more months and then start building him up slowly.

  4. Happy Birthday to Koli!

    We got our dog as an adult and I wish I knew what he looked like as a puppy!
    Lee´s last post ..Do I Have An Accent

  5. Ohh my goodness! Happy birthday to your absolutely adorable pup!
    megan @ the oatmeal diaries´s last post ..pizza palooza

  6. Happy Birthday, Koli (or Kiki)! He is the sweetest pup. I can’t wait until it’s nice out and we can have a doggie play date. I hope you two are having a great, big puppy party tonight!
    Becky´s last post ..Think Warm Thoughts

  7. Happy Birthday Koli!! He is SO adorable. I can’t believe how little he was! Can you bring him to DC with you for the marathon pleeeeeeeeeease?

    • hahaha! I wish!! If I wasn’t flying I would totally bring him with me. I’m sure my family wouldn’t mind walking around with him all day. ;)

  8. SOOOOO cute!! Happy Birthday Koli!! Can;t wait to see the cake.
    Lizzy´s last post ..Mid Week Running &amp Oscar Noms

  9. Awwww Happy Birthday!!! He’s too darn cute. :)
    Katie @ Health for the Whole Self´s last post ..Summer Thoughts

  10. How adorable was he has a pup and how incredibly big they get so fast, huh? Happy Birthday Koli! ;)

  11. OH my god, that puppy face!!! He is adorable. I have the worst puppy fever right now (some people want babies, I want a puppy!) so these pictures are just fueling that fire. So cute! Happy Birthday (belated) to Koli!
    Erin @ Big Girl Feats´s last post ..An Ode

  12. PUPPIES! So cute!
    Susan´s last post ..probably too much randomness

  13. Awww! Happy belated birthday to your bridle boy! They grow up so fast. :)

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