The 200-mile, 24-hour relay. If you hang around this blog for just a couple of minutes, it’ll quickly become clear that I’m pretty obsessed. So obsessed, that I decided it was time to collect all my relay-related posts into one place where my love for the greatest race in the world can be clearly documented.

Scroll down to read recaps of the relays I’ve run since starting the blog in March 2010.


If you have questions about relays, are looking for a teammate for a relay you are running, or just want to talk relays with another crazy runner, leave a comment below or send me an email. I promise it’s one of my favorite running things to talk about.

Prepare for Your Next Relay

Planning a relay or not quite sure if you’re ready to take the relay-plunge? Read these posts to find out how it works, what to expect, and find a little relay inspiration.

12 Runners. 24 Hours. 200 Miles – how it all works

What to Pack for a 200-mile Adventure Relay

What it Takes to Run a 200-mile Adventure Relay

Hood to Coast Movie Review

Be Careful What You Wish For – how I decided to run a relay the day before it started with a team of strangers

How Not to Prepare for a Relay



Relay Recaps

Recaps of the relays I’ve done since starting to blog at Health on the Run in March of 2010.



2010 Green Mountain Relay Recap – Green Livers

2010 NH Reach the Beach Relay Recap – Baby, We Were Born to Run

2011 Cape Cod Relay Recap – Kenyan JV Team

Cape Relay Cliff Notes (the short & sweet version)

2011 MA Reach the Beach Relay Recap – Puke & Rally

2011 Hood to Coast Relay – AfterNuun Delight (scroll down)

2011 NH Reach the Beach Relay: The Crazy Before the Calm

2011 NH Reach the Beach Relay Recap

2012 Hood to Coast Relay – AfterNuun Delight Team Night (scroll down)

2012 Ragnar Vegas Relay – Undecided2 Ultra – 25:58:07; 1st Place Women; 1st Place Ultra

Ragnar Vegas Highlights

Ragnar Vegas Recap


Hood to Coast Relay

The Mother of all Relays. So incredible that it deserves its own section.

Hood to Coast Relay with Nuun Applications

My application (post + video) for the 2011 Nuun HTC all-female blogger team:

I Wanna Run Hood to Coast!

I Wanna Run HTC! from Lauren Buckel on Vimeo.

My application for the 2012 Nuun HTC blogger team:

An {ontherun} Application – 2012 Nuun Hood to Coast Team from Lauren Buckel on Vimeo.


Hood to Coast Relay 2011 Recaps:

The Power of a Relay (initial thoughts after running HTC)

Top 10 Things I Learned from Hood to Coast

10 Bloggers, 200 Miles, and 25 Tubes of Nuun – Part 1 (recap of the relay start and our first set of legs)

10 Bloggers, 200 Miles, and 25 Tubes of Nuun – Part 2

Hood to Coast Video (the official Nuun team race video)

Hood to Coast Relay 2012 Recaps:

What a Difference a Year Makes (reflections on life changes between year 1 and year 2 of HTC)

Hood to Coast 2012 Highlights: more than just the miles

Hood to Coast 2012 Recap: the miles

2 Responses to {ontherun}Relays

  1. Do you know of anyone needing a teammate for a Ragnar Relay coming up? It really doesn’t matter which one, I just want to run one this year : )

  2. I’m hoping you can help! I love relays. The only one I have done is the River to River Relay in Illinois, but I’ve done that one about 15 times over the last 20 years. I want to try and find a 200 miler that I can do. My problem is that I coach cross country and track, which means I’m not able to do something like this at all during the months of March, April, May, August, September, October, or early November. I have to find one that is either in the summer time or the winter. Do you know of any that are??? Thanks!

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