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Cheese Baby: Weeks 37 & 38

(Almost) full-term!

cheese baby_38 week bib.JPG

Okay so remember how just a few days ago I said I was feeling less anxious for the end than I thought I would be at this point? Forget all that. I’m ready for this baby to be out and I’m blaming social media. It seems like everywhere I looked this weekend, there was another picture of a baby with Santa, or getting his/her first Christmas tree, etc. Cute babies in cute holiday outfits, doing holiday-ish things. I’m going to need you all to stop, okay? It’s killing me.

Cheese baby 37 v 38 weeks sideI felt bigger this week, but didn’t realize just HOW MUCH bigger I grew until I saw these pictures.

Body: This is what happens when I lie down/recline/get into any position besides standing these days:

“I can’t get up!”

In other news, my belly button is just about ready to burst. Honestly, if my stomach gets any bigger I fear it’ll rip in half. I’d show you, but no one needs to see a pasty naked stomach first thing Monday morning.

Weight Gain: Holding strong at 29 pounds for the past couple of weeks, but I have a feeling I’ve finally tipped the scales to the big 3-0. I’ll find out for sure (and update) this afternoon.

[Updated to add: So somehow I managed to lose a pound this week...all while Cheese Baby seems to be packing them on. Making the grand total so far 28 pounds]

On Dropping Babies: (Mine, that is…not other people’s.) People have asked, “Have you felt her drop?” And the real answer is I don’t really know. I haven’t felt any sort of “lightening” sensation and my belly looks like the same huge round ball as always. However, judging from the daily abuse being given to my bladder/pelvis and my frequent trips to the bathroom, I’d say she’s nice and low in there.

cheese baby_38 weeks side full.jpg

Baby: Still moving around, trying to bust out of the sides of my abdomen. I think she’s officially run out of space. We go in for another growth scan today to see just how large our “dainty little princess” has grown over the past few weeks (and I guess figure out the plan from there…?).

Symptoms: Are these even worth noting? You can see me – I’m huge. How do you think it feels to walk around with a watermelon strapped to your abdomen every single day?

In all seriousness, I feel about as good as can be expected. I’m really happy to be this pregnant so late in the year — my hands/feet/ankles are much less likely to swell up in 20+ degrees than 80. My only real symptoms are physical pain/discomfort — in my back/butt (stupid sciatica), pelvis, a leg that seems to have gone numb.

Oh, and a semi-reversion to first-trimester eating habits. My diet is more balanced than it was in those early days, but there was a long stretch when I only wanted cereal, eggs, grapes and peanut butter filled pretzels. I’m less motivated to cook at night and find that even if I’m starving right before dinner, I fill up pretty quickly. The other night I could barely eat any of my dinner…but then found myself raiding the fridge for leftovers at 9:00 pm because I was suddenly ravenous again.

cheese baby_38 weeks full.jpg

Clothes: Only worth noting because I think I’m down to about 4 or 5 tops that really fit (the others are just a little too indecent for public). But now that I’m working from home, I spend as much time as I can in my husband’s clothes. At first this was heavenly — big comfy sweatshirts that I could cuddle into without feeling like a stuffed sausage. But lately I’ve been getting kind of sick of it. I have a “collection” of 3 different sweatshirts that I rotate between (you know, to keep things fresh), but I can’t wait to get back into clothes that actually fit. Until then, I’m way less about things that actually flatter this body than those that cover the belly and my greatly expanded thighs.

Labor Predictions: I love all of you who predicted I would go early. Not that it means anything, of course, but it’s nice to see all those early dates in writing. While I’m trying to prepare myself to be late (more likely for first time pregnancies + my mom was late with her kids), I would be lying if I said I have the patience to go past 41 weeks at this point.

If I could perfectly plan these things, this would be my last full week of pregnancy. I’m finishing up work, Evan is getting in some last minute travel/meetings before the holidays, and I have a few more things I’d like to do to prepare for Cheese Baby’s arrival. Evan is on vacation starting next week and my parents arrive in town on the 23rd, so really, Baby, anytime you’d like to come between the 14th and the 22nd would be great.

Running: If you read my post from a few days ago, you know by now that I’ve stopped running. However, when I said “nothing happened” that wasn’t the entire truth. I didn’t have any scary moment during a run or anything, but running had become less and less comfortable over time. The pressure this little one is putting on my bladder and pelvis made it harder to get myself out the door, even for just a couple of miles. And then one day it just didn’t feel right anymore, so I told myself that was it. And I haven’t looked back.

To be perfectly honest, my overall level of physical activity has dropped quite a bit. I try to at least walk every day (though it’s more for the pup than for me), and sprinkle in other exercises most days of the week. My goal is to lift 2 – 3 times per week, plus do a couple of days of prenatal yoga and pilates. I was able to get on the elliptical a few times during week 37, but I no longer have access to it, so my cardio days are officially over. Compared to what I was doing a year (or even a few months ago), it’s not much. But I’m tired. Let’s just pretend I’m saving my energy for labor, okay?

healthontherun tweet

And just for fun, a completely meaningless growth comparison – 8 weeks vs 38 weeks. ONLY because my 8 week photos were the first ones where I was convinced I had the beginnings of a bump. Sorry, LBC, that’s just bloat…

Cheese baby 8 vs 38 weeks

Less than 2 weeks till d-day!

12 Responses to Cheese Baby: Weeks 37 & 38

  1. You are almost there! You look fantastic. I had my son in August, which meant I was enormously pregnant in sweltering temps. I think the way you are doing it is much more preferable. :)

  2. yaaaaay less than two weeks! I love your comparison photos– it’s SO incredible to see it lined up like that. I’m sending good thoughts your way in these last few days/weeks- and hope today’s appt goes well.

  3. Wow I can’t believe how close you are!! What an extra special time of year for you all!! You look amazing!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you on an early delivery!
    Sara @ LovingOnTheRun´s last post ..Motivation Monday Part 2

  4. OMG! YOU ARE HUGE!!!!

    I love it :) Yes, just when you think you can’t possibly get any bigger…

    Wishing you the best :)

  5. I can’t even imagine having a belly that huge – I don’t blame you for not getting cardio in!

    Hope everything goes smoothly for you and cheese baby!!!

    • I saw that yesterday!! So funny! I love that someone wrote an article about it. And here I thought I was the only one with a Cheese Baby ;) (but seriously – who are these people?!)

  6. Darbeck@optonline.net

    You are simply adorable Lauren :)

  7. Gosh I remember that I can’t possibly GROW any more feeling. It’s crazy. I think you look amazing, but I remember how difficult it is to want to do much of anything those last couple of weeks.

    I’m 18 weeks now and already feel big. I can’t imagine just how huge I’ll be this time! AHHH!

    However, after delivery I remember feeling SO skinny (I wasn’t. I still looked 7 months pregnant), but it’s amazing how quickly you feel normal (like being able to sit up using your-GASP- abs) again.

    So fun following your journey!
    Brittany (Healthy Slice of Life)´s last post ..The Not-So-Terrible Two’s

  8. Wow, the end is so close! Good luck the last few weeks (or days) – can’t wait to see some baby pics!
    Andrea @ The Fit Scoop´s last post ..Baby Violet is Here!

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