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An {ontherun} Application: Nuun Hood to Coast 2012

Last August, I had the opportunity to be a part of the inaugural Nuun Hood to Coast team. To say it was the experience of a lifetime is an understatement.

Not only have I paraded around race courses in bright pink and green running gear ever since, but I’ve never been better hydrated while doing it. And I’ve spent all year thinking about getting myself back out to the West coast for a chance to do it all over again.

Because it wasn’t just the fact that I love relays above any other race that made it amazing.

Or the fact that this was Hood to Coast – the mother of all relays.

And it wasn’t even the fact that the trip brought me out to beautiful Oregon for the very first time in my life.

Nope. In the end, it was the people. The other bloggers on both teams, the awesome women in my van, and the staff from nuun who took excellent care of us all weekend. These people were what made the relay.

So today, I am applying for another chance. A chance to get back into a smelly van for 24 hours. To run faster and spread the nuun love farther than ever before. To be reunited with some of the amazing women from last year’s team, the employees from my absolute favorite hydration company, and a group of new bloggers who love running, relays, and nuun as much as I do.

I realize it may seem silly to some that I have spent every single day of the last year missing the people I met during the 2011 Hood to Coast relay. But until you’re a part of it, you don’t realize how much one weekend can change you. And how much the people you meet and experiences you have over just a couple of days can impact the rest of your life.

Yes, I know. That’s a lot of sap to swallow first thing on Monday morning. But I just had to get it out of my system. I promise I’m done now.

So without further ado, I present to you,

An {ontherun} Application

If for some reason the embedded video doesn’t work, please click here.


Dear Nuun,

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime last year. To this day, running Hood to Coast with your company remains one of the most incredible experience of my life. Please bring back Team Watermelon for another weekend of tearing up the Oregon coast.





Today is the final day to submit your application to be a part of the Nuun Hood to Coast Blogger team for 2012. So get those applications in!! And best of luck to all who applied. I hope to see you on Mt Hood this summer!

27 Responses to An {ontherun} Application: Nuun Hood to Coast 2012

  1. It turned out great, Lauren! Love it 😀
    Krissy @ Shiawase Life´s last post ..Garmin Connect vs. Nike+

  2. Your smile at the beginning of the video is UH-mazing!! LOVE IT. Go #teamwatermelon!!

  3. Love this. They have to pick #teamwatermelon now!
    Carly´s last post ..The Weekend I Ran 5km Again, and Signed Up For a Race

  4. Nuun for sure needs to BRING BACK #TEAMWATERMELON!! Your video was adorable :) Good luck Lauren!
    Melissa´s last post ..Nuun Hood to Coast Relay Application 2012

  5. OMG, you crack me up. Great editing skillz!!! HAHA This is awesome!
    LIZZY´s last post ..My Baby Shower!!!

  6. TOO CUTE LB! Love the beginning!!!
    Meggie´s last post ..Rx: nuun (+ my fear of hyponatremia)

  7. I hope they pick you, Lauren!!

    GREAT video!!
    Brittany´s last post ..Things I like this week (vol. 11)

  8. You are absolutely adorable. I couldn’t stop laughing. Also. I want some of that watermelon nunn. Truth.
    (best video I have seen yet..A+ to EC)

    If nunn doesn’t pick you to be on their team again, they are crazy!
    You are a running stud.


    Love you LB! :)

    • If you’re lucky, I will make you some for your birthday.

      I will pass along your grade to EC. He will be very pleased. The opening was all him.

  9. WHERE DO YOU FIND WATERMELON NUUN??? I have never seen that flavor and I am sure I would love it since watermelon is my favorite flavor… Good luck!!
    Celia´s last post ..2012 nuun Hood to Coast Application

    • You can’t! haha

      I wish they made it, but sadly there’s no such thing. Maybe someday…. (a girl can dream)

  10. Loved this video!!! You are so adorable and if Nuun knows what’s in their best interest, they need to pick YOU!! =) =) If I weren’t going to be 8+ months pregnant in Aug, I would apply for the team this year as well!! (maybe next year!)
    Michele @ nycrunningmama´s last post ..Strong women in my life

  11. This is a great application video! You are so funny! Love the watermelon smashing on the store floor AND into the Nuun bottle :) And I think #watermelonwedding would be pretty epic 😉 I sure do hope to see you in August :)
    XLMIC´s last post ..Scoping out the competition…

    • Thank you! But I have to admit that I have been impatiently refreshing your blog, hoping to see YOUR video. Are you going to post it?!! (please say yes!) Hope to see you in August.

  12. lauren this was so fun to watch!!! loved every minute of it. and i have to say, if they DO make a watermelon flavor some day, i am sure i would love it. :o) go “team watermelon!!
    jessica´s last post ..Cherry Blossom Yoga DC

  13. Well, it is certain that you don’t get embarresed to easy, ha. You have a great sense of humor Lauren. The video is really goood, but bottom line is that you are a GREAT runner! Wish I was runing with you – but not with that green skirt though. Dad

  14. i love it lauren! good luck!!!
    kristy´s last post ..I Have Boston Fever

  15. Cute video! Good luck! Hopefully we’ll be teammates! :)

  16. Your video is so cute! Good luck!
    Rena @ milehogger.blogspot.com´s last post ..Skunk Cabbage Recap

  17. Your video application was awesome Lauren! It was funny and quirky just like you. But mostly it showed just how much running Hood to Coast meant to you last year and how much you appreciated the opportunity to run for team Nuun. Your family is rooting for you! We love you…EC and Koli too!

  18. Hahhaahahahahaa – so incredible. Who knew that’s not how they make nuun?
    Sarah OUaL´s last post ..Last LR & my Nuun HTC App

  19. OMG I’m so happy. Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly love this video any more, you did that little jump at the end. Amazing. Also, your abs. More LBabz, please.
    Ali´s last post ..Running Is My Drug & I Am Super High

  20. oh my gosh, Lauren this was awesome and hilarious. My favorite so far! I love that Koli was in it and wore a little skirt too. Good luck! They will pick you!
    Kelly´s last post ..ramblings on marathons not run

  21. That was way too cute and hilarious! How could they not pick you? Best of luck!
    Jen´s last post ..Best Body Bootcamp: Week 5

  22. Hahahah so good!!! I hope we’ll be teammates again in August!
    Susan´s last post ..2012 Team NUUN Hood to Coast Relay Application

  23. Loved the video (one of the funnier/creative applications I’ve seen so far)! Good luck!

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