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Fall Race Line Up

One of the toughest things about the many months that I struggled with knee pain was that I couldn’t really see the light at the end of the tunnel. There was no way to look ahead and know that if I could just be patient for X more weeks, then I’d be able to run again. Not knowing how long the injury would last made it easy to feel as though I was destined to be injured forever. It also meant that I couldn’t do things like sign up for races…which would’ve helped me stay motivated and given me something to look forward to.

Fortunately all that is behind me now. I took a risk in April when I signed up for NYCM and I’m so thankful that I’m actually up and running well enough to train for it. Not only that, but it just feels so good to start putting races on the calendar again. Especially since fall in New England is the absolute best time to race.

So here’s what I’m looking at for the fall. I’m sure there will be a couple other smaller races thrown in there before the end of the year. Even though I was a bit tempted to go race-crazy and sign up for every local fall race I could find, reason won out in the end. Plus, that whole unemployed thing helped. Not having much disposable income means I need to be a little pickier about the races I choose to do…but that’s a tale for another blog post.


Vermont 50 – Sunday, September 30th

aka #VTcheeseparty

The plan to do this race came together when I was out on the West Coast, still riding the Hood to Coast high. Basically, Emily mentioned how sad she was to let go of this race (which was originally supposed to be her fall 50 miler) because of how close it is to the one she has been training for all summer. Being that I am currently obsessed with all things Vermont and wanted to help my friend out of her current predicament (slash find a way to lure people up here to visit me) I investigated the option of 3 person relay. Within 10 minutes we had roped in Stephanie with the promise of a weekend filled with running, beer and cheese in the greatest state on earth.

My leg of the relay will be 19.6 miles (which I’ll extend to 20 just to get the distance in). As much as I’m looking forward to #VTcheeseparty, I’ll admit that I’m more than a little scared of the actual running portion of the weekend. Beyond the fact that I’ve never done a trail race that’s longer than 6K, there’s this:

VT50_elevation profile(Source)

Yikes. I know I’ve gotten a little more practice running the hills of Vermont over the past few months, but nothing like this! An email this morning from the race director that encourages us to walk up the hills made it even clearer that I don’t really know what I’m getting myself into.

However, I’m excited to run a relay with two awesome ladies, excited to experience what I’m sure is a beautiful course, and excited to be surrounded by some incredible runners who will be completing the 50 miles all on their own. Who knows – maybe it’ll even inspire me to sign up for an ultra sometime in the future.

Harpoon Brewery Octoberfest Race - Sunday, October 7th

Harpoon Octoberfest

Every year since before my husband was born, the Conkeys (and friends) have been traveling up to Southern Vermont on Columbus Day weekend for their annual camping trip. I’ve been fortunate enough to get to tag along for the past 3 years, and it has quickly become one of the highlights of my year. (It is also responsible for our decision to get married in and ultimately move to Vermont, but I’ll tell you more about that another time). The weekend is usually filled with a lot of eating, drinking, card playing, and harvest festival-ing (yes, I’m making that a word).

But this year, we are starting (what I hope will be) a new tradition — visiting Harpoon Brewery for a fun 3.6 mile race, beer, German food (for the non-vegetarians) and Octoberfest. Some of us are going for the running, others just for the food. Regardless — it’s going to be a fun party.

New York City Marathon – Sunday, November 4th

Ragnar Las Vegas – Friday & Saturday, November 9th & 10th

You already know about these two races, so I won’t bore you by repeating myself. I’ll just say that this double will be the main event in terms of Fall 2012 racing.


I’m also hoping to add in a few other “for fun” races before the end of 2012. I’m heading down to FL the second weekend of October to finally meet my niece and there just so happens to be a 5K in my sister’s town that weekend (how convenient!). I may or may not be currently formulating a plan to convince Christina and the little one to sign up with me.

There’s also a 10 mile race in NH a few weeks before NYCM that sort of seems like it’d be perfect for the marathon taper.

And of course, there’s always local Turkey Trots, Jingle Bell runs, etc. But we’ll see what happens. Mostly, it’s just exciting to be able to look ahead again.

Any other fall New England races I should look into? Is there a particular race this fall that you’re looking forward to?

10 Responses to Fall Race Line Up

  1. Not this year, but you should run the Mount Desert Island marathon sometime! As soon as registration opens for 2013, I’m registering me and my husband. I’m originally from that area so I have to run it!

    Good luck with all of your races, they look amazing!
    Jamie @ couchtoironwoman´s last post ..PRO Compression Socks Review

  2. So glad you’re back in the game! Races look fun (except for the first one! Sorry! Just being honest!)

    I’ve taken myself out of the game (sprained ankle). And while it really does seem like it’s not going to get better, I know it is, because you just wrote about it! :)

  3. I am so glad you live in Vermont! Or in New England in general, it seriously makes me so happy to have a friend in love with it as much as I am and to have more of a reason to go and visit! Love that you are considering a NH race :) We should find a NH race next year to run together, they have a lot of great halfs!

    See you tomorrow :)

    PS. I’m really scared of the race on Sunday too! That elevation map is terrifying.
    Steph´s last post ..Double Race Weekend!

  4. I am traveling to Stowe, Vt from NC on Columbus Day weekend and was devastated this afternoon to learn that there was a half marathon that weekend in Waterbury but that is sold out after it maxed out at 900 runners :(
    Rose @ RoseRunsSlow´s last post ..That’s what I’m Talking About!

  5. I recently injured myself and was told that I can’t run for a while. I’m hopeful it won’t be too long, but so far I haven’t seen any improvement on the injury front, so it looks like my planned races for the fall are a no-go. I’m really sad about it, but I wanted to tell you that reading your posts about dealing with your injury and then coming out the other side have made me feel a bit better about the whole thing. It helps to know that the frustration and bad feelings I have are normal, and also to see that it will get better, even if I don’t quite see it right now. I’m excited for your races! I can’t wait until I’m right back at it too. :)

  6. sounds like a great fall lineup. i had no idea yalls relay was a trail race!! i, like you, am looking forward to running healthy. i have a few great races on the schedule too-one with Corey in SC!
    elizabeth´s last post ..The Best Thank You EVER!

  7. this is not a race but i WILL be in your beloved state neeext weekend to visit the (other) cheese land (cabot) and ben and jerry’s. Anyway I can convince you and your hub and sis and dogs to come??
    Laura´s last post ..believe i am

  8. check out the CHaD half in oct. great hilly course!! Its for the Childrens hospital at Dartmouth. I think its 50 dollars.
    Alexandra´s last post ..So Excited

  9. Love your fall line up! I’m in a similar boat in that I can’t stop registering for races now that I’m running again. It’s amazing what a little injury time out/off will do for your desire to toe the line huh? Glad you’re running well and enjoy it!! :)
    Holly´s last post ..Wearable Wednesday

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