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How NOT to Prepare for a Relay

Want to win a copy of Hood to Coast, the movie? I never really announced the end of my giveaway, or did anything about it. So keep those entries coming! I’d say you have a pretty good shot at the moment. I’ll close the giveaway on Wednesday night.

So that was sort of a dramatic way to disappear, no? Not intentional, I swear. To all of you who responded to my last post – thank you so much for your comments and emails. I haven’t gotten the chance to respond to you all personally yet, but I want to tell you that I appreciated every single word you wrote. I know sometimes it can be hard to know what to say when a blogger (aka perfect stranger) writes posts of that sort, but you all said the most encouraging things. And I want to assure you that I’m alive and well, back this week with a much better attitude. It really was nothing that a weekend, a wedding, some perspective, and a little {ontherun} time couldn’t fix. Oh, and a trip to the doctor…just in case.


And now it’s time to take all that energy I was using to focus on those should’s and should not’s and use to get ready for Hood to Coast. The problem is, I haven’t really been making the most of my time this week.

5 Ways to NOT Prepare for a Relay

Particularly the “Mother” of all relays…

1.) Freak out.

Good thing I got that one out of the way last week. I’m determined not to freak out again about this weird soreness in my legs. At this point, it is what it is.

2.) Stop running.

Or at least, cut back drastically. I had never planned to taper for this relay, but because I’ve been experiencing a lot of weird achey pain in my quads for the past week and a half now on top of a general feeling of tiredness, I decided the smart thing to do would be to stop pushing through it. I don’t want to be injured for this relay. So marathon training has taken a temporary back seat. The goal for the time being is to be ready for HTC (and worry about the rest later).

Problem is, this is a little bit more than a taper. I haven’t been running much at all for a week now. So I’m either going to be the most rested person out there…or the most out of shape.

3.) Use the weekend to {not} pack.

While I did go out and get myself two pairs of these lovely numbers (let the record show that these are the first pairs of booty shorts I have ever purchased), I haven’t actually started packing anything yet. (This is the packing list I’ll use, with a few minor changes)

nikeprocombat.jpegYes, they are short. And even more comfortable than I expected (who knew?)

At least I did laundry last night so my running gear would be clean. Now I just have to find it all.

4.) Schedule your flight immediately after work, during a week that you are trapped in long all-day trainings.

My schedule this week is jam-packed. Because I’m in a training for these next few days, I don’t even have my lunch break to use to run errands and get things together. And I have to leave immediately after work on Wednesday if I want to make my flight on time.

Oh and did I mention that I’ll be spending the night at a Pawtucket Red Sox game tonight? And that at some point I really want to run out and get myself a new camera? Now if only those clothes would pack themselves…

5.) Use what little free time there is to blog.

In case that’s not apparent at this point, I really hate packing. I’m not sure where this hatred comes from, but because of it, packing is something that I always avoid until the last possible minute. You’d think the excitement of my upcoming adventure would make me eager to get everything together. But no. I’m the same old procrastinator I’ve always been.

So on that note, I need to get off this computer. I’ll “see” you all from Seattle!

Quick vote: say you want to bring a sleeping bag on a plane, but don’t want to check anything. Do you think the airline will accept a carry-on suitcase plus the bag as my personal item? Or is that not gonna fly? (ha ha ha).





17 Responses to How NOT to Prepare for a Relay

  1. Good luck! I’ll be stalking (er, tracking) after-NUUN delight!

    I think you would be ok – 1 carry-on and the sleeping bag. I’ve gotten away with a carry-on suitcase and a huge duffel bag before. As long as the sleeping bag can fit under the seat.

  2. I’m glad you are feeling better. I think if your legs are fatigued rest is the way to go. You are a rock star and are still going to kick some relay *ss even with a week off from running.
    Also I bet the sleeping bag could count as a carry-on. Good luck getting everything done before the weekend!

  3. I did this class called Flybarre last night in similar booty shorts. I figure, I’m 25, if not now, when?!?

    Oh yeah, I def think they’ll let you carry on the sleeping bag as your personal item. If not, start crying. Once when I was moving out of my dorm and flying home for the summer, I had way to much baggage. Started crying and magical things happened and all my stuff got home. (I was so tired from moving out that the tears just flowed).

  4. What did the doctor say? I hope you continue to feel better and have the time of your life at the relay!

    I was allowed to carry on my wedding dress as a personal item, so maybe your sleeping bag will work :)

  5. Glad to hear that you’re feeling better. Looks like a beautiful wedding. Hope the relay goes well – looking forward to hearing all about it! :)

  6. i own those same nike booty shorts, they’re my first booties too. i wore them on a run and then was told they are meant to be worn *under* other running shorts??? i’m not sure if that’s true or if the person was just jealous of my hot jiggly butt. either way, they’re super comfortable and i’m pretty sure i’m gonna keep rockin’ them solo.

  7. Definitely carry the sleeping bag on – worst case, they will make you gate check it, and you won’t have to pay for that.

  8. I kind of want some of those Nike booty shorts. It’s a good thing you got your freak out outta the way and are feeling better (?) – you have a great weekend to look forward to! I say try carrying the sleeping bag on. Worse case they make you check it curbside, which is better than regular checking I think…

  9. ‘Most rested’ gets my vote…but I’ll be more rested than you ;-)

    I also posted a packing post yesterday, if you want another thing to confuse you :P

    Here’s hoping your legs and energy respond perfectly to the little cutback :)

    See you soon!!!!!

  10. Can’t wait to read your recaps! You’re going to do so great! :) And I vote yes to carrying on the sleeping bag.

  11. Sometimes the races we are least prepared for turn out the best! The night before the 2011 NYC Half, I attended my friend’s bachelorette party, drank too much champagne, ate too many cupcakes, and was scrambling to find my uniform the next morning. Came within 30 seconds of a PR! You’ll be fine :)

    Rest those hammies – and I vote take the sleeping bag on the plane. Worst case scenerio, they make you check it at the gate.

  12. I’m opting for rest too! Definitely unplanned. Also, haven’t packed yet. We’re awesome.

    See you tomorrow?? CRAZY!

  13. So glad things are on the up and up. I am so excited for you. i can’t believe your race is here already. have an amazing time. be safe and enjoy!

  14. BEST Shorts EVERR!!! No credit? I’m disappointed. hahah

    Have the best time this weekend.. look forward to a full recap! xo

  15. Great tips for what not to do! I’m buying the same shorts this weekend.

    Have a great time and enjoy the experience. Then, come back and tell us everything :)

  16. I hope this rest will pay off for you, and that it’s all you need to run awesome in HTC! No matter what though, you are guaranteed to have an amazing time! Good luck getting ready…if only you could train Koli to help you pack :)

  17. Good luck! Tapering is fine! :)

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