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How to Plan Your Own Turkey Trot

I know it’s getting a little late to be doing Thanksgiving-ish posts, but seeing as some of us are still running off all those Thanksgiving Day treats, I figure it’s relevant. …even though I have to admit that the HOTR-house moved straight from Thanksgiving to Christmas in a matter of days. What can I say? It’s my favorite season.

Christmas 2011.jpg

But I digress. Despite the fact that EC wouldn’t go all out by dressing up in a turkey costume for the occasion, planning my Thanksgiving Day run was a very serious affair. In order to ensure success, I followed a few “very important” steps:

How To Plan Your Own Turkey Trot

Step 1: Convince your significant other to run with you on Thanksgiving morning. Seems simple, but this is perhaps the most vital step of all. Turkey Trots just aren’t quite the same when you’re running them by yourself.

Step 2: As soon as he reluctantly agrees, give your run an official name to drum up the excitement. Yes, I know – technically this is just a regular old morning run, but it’s a lot more fun to call it the First Annual LB&EC Turkey Trot…okay?

Step 3: Carefully plan out your route. Per strict instructions from EC, it must be exactly 3.1 miles (5K) – no more, no less.

Turky Trot Loop.png

Step 4: Dress yourself up with a little extra sparkle. Even though this will be a completely untimed run, wearing your racing colors won’t hurt.


Step 5: Arrive at the starting line pumped up and ready to tackle this competitive race un-timed and completely relaxed jaunt around town.


Step 6: Make sure you’ve actually memorized the route before starting off on your run…otherwise you may forget where to turn, causing your carefully planned out perfect 3.1 mile loop to turn into a 3.4 mile loop (because everyone knows it’s better to run too long “just in case” then wind up not running long enough.

Step 7: There is no step 7. Just finish the run and go get cleaned up. There’s turkey to eat! Or – if you’re a vegetarian like me, lots of vegetables covered with sugar and butter. In fact, I don’t think I ate one vegetable all day that didn’t also have {LOTS of} sugar and butter on it. So delicious. And just the start of what I’m sure is going to be a delectable holiday season.


19 Responses to How to Plan Your Own Turkey Trot

  1. I wish I read this before Thanksgiving. I looked for a Turkey Trot nearby where I was staying, but couldn’t find any. But a great idea to keep in mind for the next one!
    Rena @ milehogger.blogspot.com´s last post ..21 Things

  2. Oh my gosh I love your dog!!

  3. I love your turkey trot!!

    My husband and I have had to map out our routes before and we have definitely gone down the wrong road, oh well.
    Jamie @ couchtoironwoman´s last post ..21 Random Facts

  4. Yay! My family and I planned our own Turkey trot too in order to accommodate my 7 month old niece and save some money on the registration fees. We didn’t map out a route, but we did make our own t-shirts :)
    Anna´s last post ..Marathon Taper!

  5. I love your dog and the sparkly headband is AWESOME.
    Meggie´s last post ..Rammer Jammer

  6. My friend and I are both in the thick of marathon training so we had our own little 15 mile turkey trot. It just seems wrong NOT to run something on Thanksgiving!
    Tia´s last post ..Highest Mileage Week: Post Stress Fracture

  7. I love that you made your own Turkey Trot! I ran by all the runners for the one downtown. It was kind of fun to cheer them on while running in the opposite direction :-) BTW- your dog is adorable–do you ever take him to Bell Street Park?
    Jessica´s last post ..Women’s Only Races – Love Them or Hate Them?

  8. I absolutely love your blog! It’s my first time commenting, but I had to emerge from my lurker/regular reader status, because that map of Providence made me so happy. I am a Providence College graduate and very familiar with running those streets! Happy belated Thanksgiving! :)

  9. Haha…we did our own turkey trot this year. Our first Thanksgiving (we’re British implants in California). Three Brits dressed as a cat, a pirate and a reindeer (Halloween leftovers), pushing a toddler in a santa hat with one token American not dressed up at all. Loads of fun!!!!

  10. There aren’t any turkey trots in NYC (well, I think there’s one in Brooklyn, but I’m too lazy to travel that far…) – I am so doing this next year! Provided I’m able to run by then. Heh. Good lord I want to run again.

    I love your tree and your doggy! I want both :)
    Kelly´s last post ..Running Update & Cupcakes

  11. Are you SURE you didn’t photoshop that PERFECT little Pup in that Christmas tree shot?? He is Oh So Sweet! We missed you so much this Thanksgiving!! Nice Tree too!

  12. My mom and I did our own turkey trot too! Mostly because the one in my neighborhood park didn’t start until 10:00 and at that point we had already moved on to baking ridiculous amounts of cookies and pies. Three kinds of cookies and two kinds of pie > a medal. Always.
    Your tree looks so pretty! I wish my school would allow trees in dorm rooms. Apparently they’re a fire hazard or some such nonsense.
    Sarah K´s last post ..Home

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