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NYCM: Pre-Race Thoughts

It’s been weird this week. Thinking that I may or may not be running a marathon on Sunday. Wondering if, after everything that’s happened, I even want to… 

I’m sure you’ve all heard by this point that the New York City Marathon will be proceeding as scheduled this Sunday. I’m also pretty sure that all of you have a strong opinion about it. There are a lot of emotions surrounding this decision…many of them negative (just a quick look through the comments on this article should give you an idea). And honestly – I can see both sides. I certainly don’t envy those who had to make the final call. But since I don’t live in New York and was one of the lucky individuals on the East Coast who did not suffer from the impacts of Hurricane Sandy on Sunday/Monday, I will refrain from passing judgement here.

My opinion doesn’t really matter that much anyway. All I know is that despite the backlash this decision has created, I need to trust that if Mayor Bloomberg and NYRR have decided that holding the marathon is safe and does not impede on recovery efforts, than I am not the person to question it. That doesn’t mean my heart isn’t going out to all of those who have been displaced, have lost love ones, financial resources or possessions. And it also doesn’t mean that I can’t use my dollars to donate to the recovery efforts. But it does mean that since the people in charge have decided that the race will go on, I will be running it. 

At this point, I’m trying to just go with the flow when it comes to the logistics of the weekend, such as figuring out transportation into the city and to the start. Things seem to be changing all the time, and I know it’s going to be even more difficult to get to the starting line this year than in the past. I can’t say that I’m looking forward to that aspect of the weekend.

Anyway, that’s a whole lot of babble about the marathon from someone who said she wasn’t going to get into it. I know not everyone agrees with the decision to run the race, and I’m sorry if you feel that it’s insensitive that I do so. But the fact of the matter is that the marathon is being held on Sunday whether I’m there or not. So I plan to go, support NYC with my money and show the city some love. I guess I just don’t see what me not running out of “principle” or to “make a stand” would really do…?

My running this week has been pretty minimal. So far, I’ve run a total of 9 slow, Garmin-less miles (5 yesterday and 4 today) along with 5 or so striders each day. As usual, my legs were achy and leaden. Every little tweak feels like a major injury about to happen. Why is it that these short easy runs during race week are often the most painful? Happens every time…

Tomorrow morning Evan and I will be making the trip down to Manhattan. I have no idea how long it will take us to get there, but we are fortunate to have the entire day free for travel. Hopefully we’ll be able to go to the expo on Friday afternoon/evening and then have Saturday free for any last minute race plans.

On marathon day, I will be in Orange Wave #1, Bib 11300 in case you want to track me (it’s not free to track by text/social media, but you can track runners online the day of the race). But if I was unsure about my goals for the marathon going into this week, I’m at a complete and utter loss right now. All I know for sure is that this race will be a once in a lifetime-type experience.

It doesn’t really seem to matter much anyway. For the past several weeks, all I’ve been thinking about are my strategies for this race, my priorities for the marathon, and how I plan to run each and every section. Now? It all seems sort of silly. I know myself. I know that I am not a person who can show up to a race and just run it slowly, for fun. But I also know that I need to be realistic. So, I plan on going out there and running the smartest race I possibly can (starting out sloooooow and easy), as fast as I possibly can under the circumstances. I don’t really know what that means. But I’m hoping it’ll get me to the starting line in one piece.


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  1. good luck lauren! enjoy the race and i’m sure you will do just great :)

    and i think the best plan sometimes is to have no plan. i’ve been doing that recently and it’s working out really well.
    kristy´s last post ..grab your swimmies

  2. Hey Lauren,
    I was happy to read your take; you always have wise and insightful things to say. I’m running the race too, and have similarly mixed emotions about it. That said, good luck and have fun! :)
    Katie´s last post ..Opinions and…

  3. Good luck Lauren…sure wish things were different for this one…I hope it goes well for you
    caroline´s last post ..Not a stellar week

  4. Good luck, Lauren! I hope it goes well and I know that this isn’t going to be the race that you thought you were going to run but still try to take in every moment!
    Jamie @ couchtoironwoman´s last post ..Two Races in One Day

  5. @ThrowbackNYCM

  6. I’m so sorry about the cancellation…gutted for you and the other runners even though I understand the reasons and obviously support the decision. But so sad for everyone who’s worked so hard.
    Cathryn´s last post ..Seven Years…

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