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You Know You’re a Runner When…

…The only thing that stresses you out about a weekend unplugged is the fact that you can’t keep track of how all your running friends are doing at their marathons across the country. …or watch the Live Stream of the Chicago Marathon.


You rate potential future places to live based on how great it would be to run there.

There’s no denying that California’s perfect year-round running weather would be heavenly. But I also couldn’t argue with views like this on every run.

Vermont Hills_1


And pick your favorite season based on which one has the best running weather.

Vermont Hills_2


You convince yourself that seasonal candy is actually fuel.

candy corn pretzelsWhat – you mean high fructose corn syrup isn’t a good source of energy??


You literally chase down the UPS truck after you’ve just missed the final delivery attempt of your Nuun order. In your defense, your stores are getting dangerously low, and you’ve got a marathon to hydrate for.



All your upcoming vacations revolve around races. Next up on the {ontherun}tour: Washington DC for MCM and New York City (to cheer) for NYCM.


And all your recent clothing purchases have been of the dri-fit, wicking variety. You actually can’t remember the last time you bought a new outfit for work.

adidas shorts.jpg

I’m currently eyeing these or something similar for MCM. #teamwatermelon


Although your hours of personal time are extremely limited, you deem a long run on a weekday morning to be a perfectly acceptable use for them.


And the first day back from a long weekend is made bearable only by the fact that the last 20-mile run of your marathon training cycle went way better than you had ever expected. Maintaining a sub-8 minute/mile pace for 20 miles after a weekend of limited sleep and lots of junk food is not only a huge confidence booster, but also enough to make you walk into work with a huge smile. One that no amount of annoying emails or workplace drama can take away.


Now bring on the taper!


23 Responses to You Know You’re a Runner When…

  1. Love this-probably bc its so true!! Everytime I do laundry I am more worried about making sure I get to the workout gear then pretty much everything else! Enjoy the taper!
    Samantha @ Health, Happiness & Skinny Jeans´s last post ..Work Out Wednesday: Taper Tantrums?

  2. If I could wear running clothes to work, I would have so much more clothing options in the morning! And I would be a thousand times more comfortable.

    Sub-8 for 20 miles…NICE!
    Kristy@RunTheLongRoad´s last post ..Summer In October

  3. Great post, Lauren, and so true! I absolutely love shopping for new running threads, but despise most other clothes shopping because it just seems like a chore.

    Enjoy your taper! Looking forward to the MCM recap because I’m eyeing that race for my big post-baby comeback next year.

  4. Haha! I love it. Yes, yes, and yes! I was so overwhelmed this weekend trying to keep track of the Chicago marathoners, Staten Island half marathoners, Mohawk Hudson marathoners and Army 10 Milers. Awesome insanity!

    The best thing about this post: The part about coming to NYC to spectate NYCM. See you then. Woo party!

    Also, major high five (and jazz hands) for the fantastic 20 miler. Rock star status right there.
    Ali´s last post ..A Super Fun Time With My Doctor

  5. Wow! Awesome long run!!!

    And, umm, I want to go wherever it was you were in Vermont – how beautiful!
    Meggie´s last post ..What’s Rocking My World This Wednesday

  6. YAHOO! MY 20 miler is this Sunday and I’m feeling a little better. Looks for me in NYC: I’ll be in the orange Team World Vision shirt…amongst 45,000 other people! :-D
    kristin miller´s last post ..10 miles of free FALLing….

  7. Haha, cute post and so true. I’m guilty of all of them.

    Wow! What an awesome long run and what perfect timing. Congrats :)
    Nancy@triathletestrials´s last post ..Spartan Sprint Race Report

  8. Do you get wacky when you taper? Or do you LOVE it?
    XLMIC´s last post ..race recap

    • No, I definitely get wacky. The first week isn’t so bad because overall mileage will still be pretty decent. But the second week of tapering and the week leading up to the marathon are always rough for me. Less time working out + lots more stress = crazy Lauren.

  9. Wait, people buy clothes that aren’t wick-wear?!
    RunEatRepeat´s last post ..Whittier Greenway Trail

  10. Haha This is true! I haven’t bought any non-running clothes in a long time, probably the beginning of summer!

    I can’t eat candy corn, though, so I guess I’m safe on that one! I am starting to appreciate fall a little bit more because I love the temperature for running so much more than summer. If only it could be 55-60 when I run and then 75-80 at all other times.
    Jamie @ couchtoironwoman´s last post ..I have a dilemma

  11. Love this! Completely agree that candy corn is adequate fuel since it is the best food ever. :)

    I’m so happy to hear you had a great 20 miler. I know you needed the confidence boost. Wohoo!

  12. I love that you take personal hours to run!!
    Lauren´s last post ..What Not to Do at Your Wife’s Trail Race & “Tom’s Lists”

  13. Oh gosh, i hit like every one of those too lol. i love the fall. the leaves are gorgeous now. we have conservation land behind my house, i wake up to just beautiful views, i can’t handle it i am a danger on the road because i want to look at the leaves haha. yayy for taper although my 20 miler was not as great as yours. my vacations are also dc and going to spectate nycm. if you want to come to our sign making party please do for that btw haha. this weekend baystate half marathon, can’t wait to run in the leaves if my legs will recover from 20 by then lol

  14. So true! I can’t remember the last time I bought a non-running piece of clothing. haha!

    Great last 20-miler! You are going to rock MCM!

    Excited that you will be here in NYC for the NYCM!

  15. this is all so true!

  16. awesome last 20 miler!! It is amazing how a great run like that can make the beginning of the workweek seem so much better. Any place I ever go, I always assess the running-friendlyness of the city. It usually plays into how much I like the city overall and if I would ever live there!

    Also, per Celia’s comment, I didn’t know that you’ll be here! Would love to MEET you!!
    Kelly´s last post ..Why I Do It

  17. O.m.g. You’re coming for NYC? I am so so so excited and hope I get to see you! (Creepy much?)

    Running is also taking over my life and thoughts, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I plan my days around running and definitely think it gives me purpose and accomplishment.

    Candy corn isn’t an actual food group? Noooooooo..

  18. Haha, I can I *so* relate to all of these things! Us runners sure do have a lot in common. :)

  19. Enjoy the start to your taper, Lauren!! Hope you had a great weekend away!
    Corey´s last post ..MHRM 2011

  20. omg I could relate to every word in this post. Except running a long run in 8 minute miles.

    You are also making me miss fall :)

    You rock girl!!!
    Margot @ FasterBunny´s last post ..Gimp Day 2: Adventures in Garmin #fail!

  21. Fall is definitely moving its way up in my favorite seasons! I love summer for all the warmth and sunshine, but the cooler temperatures are definitely helping me appreciate my runs more…especially when I’m not soaked in sweat after two blocks.

    Definitely agree with you on buying running clothes over normal clothes…it’s way more exciting!
    Susan´s last post ..terp for life

  22. Yup, just bought a ton of new running clothing, but I don’t remember the last time I bought normal clothes. Even though I’ve lost 20 pounds and at the very least I need new skirts.
    Maggie´s last post ..How many times can a turkey trot?

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